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Does your trip to Paris need some more trip­py-ness? Dis­ney Paris has the hookup you’re look­ing for. There are two parks just out­side Paris prop­er: Dis­ney­land and Walt Dis­ney Stu­dios. You can make a reser­va­tion or buy an undat­ed tick­et to explore the Star Wars uni­verse and Alice’s Labyrinth with the chance to eat at Chez Rémy and then either stum­ble to bed at a near­by hotel cater­ing to the Mick­ey-lov­ing crowd or some­how make it to the RER train back to Paris. Think of the loca­tion as a not-far, but not super-close either sub­urb to Paris and plan accordingly. 

Enjoy all of the won­der and revis­it your child­hood (before rent and health insur­ance pre­mi­ums became a thing), or just flash­back to some shades of that ayahuas­ca cer­e­mo­ny from your last vaca­tion to Peru.

As it’s locat­ed about an hour or so out­side of Paris, you can take the RER A train back into town. But hon­est­ly, after a day of walk­ing among the weird won­der­land of exag­ger­at­ed,  LSD-inspired archi­tec­ture and trip­py faux vil­lages throb­bing with freaky car­toon per­son­ages, don’t kill your buzz by get­ting onto the train. There are plen­ty of hotels with vary­ing degrees of fam­i­ly friend­li­ness near­by. For adult trav­el­ers with­out kids/in need of an evening buzz, note which hotels lack alco­hol and over­flow with chil­dren. Trust us on this. Out here there’s like­ly no hotel bar nor deliv­ery so what­ev­er you are are bed­ding down with is it. Plan accord­ing­ly #acci­den­taldetox



Here is all you need to know


Boule­vard de Parc, 77700 Coupvray, France


Marne-la-Val­lée (RER A)




La Val­lée Vil­lage, a chic out­door out­let mall in Ser­ris for all your fash­ion needs at insane­ly good prices

Opening Times

10 a.m. They close on vary­ing times depend­ing on the park, month, and day of the year


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