The Best Coffee Shops in Paris

Is Paris the world capital of Art? Yes.

The world capital of cuisine? Oui.

The world capital of excellent coffee?

Non, non, non… you got us there.

But, thanks to a new generation of roasters and baristas who vacillate between ‘inspired by the immigrant Aussies’ (for their prowess in the field of specialty coffee in Paris) and « repulsed by the cheap and bitter ‘old-school’ Parisian brew » (personally I find it best suited to cleaning the Covid off my iPhone screen), Paris is now a city with a REAL coffee scene. 

So, if “COFFEE. NOW.” is the tantrum your cere­bel­lum offers first thing in the morn­ing before the PTSD flash­backs start rolling again or your neu­rons start fir­ing the com­mand to Answer Emails, Check Insta­gram, and Scroll Red­dit (maybe I’m pro­ject­ing here), these Parisian cof­fee shops are here for you.

From the quaint and qui­et to the quirky and mod­ern, we have culled from the 1,000s (seri­ous­ly, but say it with a Cal­i­for­nia accent) of Places To Get Cof­fee and cho­sen the spots that are froth­ing it up with pas­sion and care.

Take note, our focus is on spe­cial­ty, craft-roast­ed, cof­fee shops here that are ~bomb AF~ and not on the tra­di­tion­al Parisian cor­ner cafe, many of which pop up on Google Maps when you search. As they are not cof­fee-focused, they usu­al­ly serve the bit­ter, indus­tri­al, French ‘expres­so’ and not the real deal. 

If you are a ~Come Cor­rect~ type, just FYI: in Paris we don’t real­ly take cof­fee to go. We sip an ‘expres­so’ stand­ing up with a crois­sant at the bar or maybe sit­ting down. (This is more apro­pos in the tra­di­tion­al cor­ner cafe than the next-gen shops below where you can let your dirty-for­eign­er flag fly.) But in this town, cof­fee = short espresso.

In Paris, even at the tra­di­tion­al cor­ner cafes, we also do all the usu­al cap­puc­ci­nos, lattes, etc. (See below.)

While take-away cof­fee is so not French, the next-gen places below won’t give you the side-eye for doing it Anglo-style. So take a cup to-go to a near­by park, or sit on the ‘ter­rasse’ and pair it with some­thing sweet. (Pound cake is super-trendy in Paris right now, but not so French.)

With a break­fast like this, you might just pass for Parisian.


  • Café (or a cof­fee) means a lit­tle espres­so (that’s ‘expres­so’ in French). You can have a dou­ble, or ‘dou­ble’ (con­ve­nient­ly the same word) pro­nounced ‘doobleh.’
  • Allongé is an espres­so with a lit­tle more water. AKA an ‘Amer­i­cano’, although…
  • Café Fil­tre is a drip cof­fee like the old school and is what Amer­i­cans expect to be in their cup when they say ‘cof­fee.’
  • Noisette means ‘hazel­nut’ in French, but there are nei­ther nuts nor fla­vor­ing syrups involved as it’s a nick­name for the ‘espres­so mac­chi­a­to,’ aka espres­so plus a dab of milk foam.
  • Café Crème (say it: cah-fay crehm) is a cap­puc­ci­no, but in French. Expect a ton of milk: it’s how the Parisians do it. 
  • Café Lat­te is *usu­al­ly* the same as a Café Crème, a lazy truth about Paris. Beau­coup milk…
  • Flat White is not Parisian (it’s Aus­tralian)  but is super-pop­u­lar here. When made prop­er­ly, it’s almost like a cap­puc­ci­no but with a more vel­vety foam.


14 Rue de Bre­tagne (3rd arr.)

Back in Black

25 Rue Amelot (11th arr.)

Bro­ken Biscuits

10 Pas­sage Roche­brune (11th arr.)

Café Kit­suné

51 Galerie de Mont­pen­si­er (1st arr.)

2 Place André Mal­raux (1st arr.)

208 Rue de Riv­o­li (1st arr.)

30 Rue du Vert­bois (3rd arr.)

Café La Lune Verte

60 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi (11th arr.)

Café Lit­ter­a­tum

22 Rue des Écoles (5th arr.)

Café Moco

177bis Bd Voltaire (11th arr.)

Café Nuances

25 Rue Danielle Casano­va (1st arr.)

Café Oberkampf

3 Rue Neuve Popin­court (11th arr.)


98 Quai de Jemmapes (10th arr.)

106 Boule­vard de Belleville (20th arr.)

Cer­ti­fied Cafe

44–47 Pas­sage des Panora­mas (2nd arr.)


38 Rue Léon Frot (11th arr.)


47 Rue de Baby­lone (7th arr.)

56 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis (10th arr.)

54 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Hon­oré (8th arr.)

Mag­a­sin Gal­leries Lafayette Coupole, 40 Bd Hauss­mann 3ème Étage (9th arr.)

La Grande Épicerie de Paris Rive Droite, 78 Rue de Passy (16th arr.)

 68 Av. du Maine (14th)


Good News

27 bis Rue Made­moi­selle (15th arr.)

Grand Café Tortoni

45 Rue de Sain­tonge (3rd arr.)

Jardin du Petit Palais

1 Avenue Dutu­it Petit Palais (8th arr.)

Jozi Café

3 Rue Valette (5th arr.)


23 Rue Faid­herbe (11th arr.)

KB CaféShop

53 Av. Tru­daine (9th arr.)

L’Arbre à Café

10 Rue du Nil (2nd arr.)

61 Rue Oberkampf (11th arr.)

La Bou­tique Caron

32 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth (3rd arr.)

La Main Noire

12 Rue Cav­al­lot­ti (18th arr.)

Le Bon Moment

24 Rue des Bernardins (5th arr.)

Le Café Alain Ducasse

12 Rue St Sabin (11th arr.)

West­field Forum des Halles
Rue Ram­buteau (1st arr.)


Le Pelo­ton Café

17 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe (4th arr.)

Les Jardins de
l’Hô­tel Particulier

23 Avenue Junot Pavil­lon D (18th arr.)


40 Rue Chapon (3rd arr.)


58 Rue d’Ar­gout (2nd arr.)

Motors Cof­fee

7 Rue des Halles (1st arr.)


63 Rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile (4th arr.)

9 Rue de Luynes (7th arr.)

120 Bd Hauss­mann (8th arr.)

8 rue Saint-Flo­rentin (8th arr.)

32 Rue Gus­tave Courbet (16th arr.)

132–140 Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen

Nomade Café

8 Rue Paul Bert (11th arr.)

One and a Half

14 Rue de Bre­tagne (3rd arr.)

O Cof­fee

23 Rue de Lourmel (15th arr.)


27 Rue du Château d’Eau (10th arr.)


15 Rue Alib­ert (10th arr.)

République of Coffee

2 Bd Saint-Mar­tin (10th arr.)

Shake­speare & Co

37 Rue de la Bûcherie (5th arr.)

Shi­ba Café

11 Rue Blomet (15th arr.)

Cof­fee Shop

Ten Belles

17–19 Rue Breguet (11th arr.)

10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles (10th arr.)

53 Rue du Cherche-Midi (6th arr.)

Ter­res de Café

150 Rue Saint-Hon­oré (1st arr.)

14 Rue Ram­buteau (4th arr.)

36 Rue des Blancs Man­teaux (4th arr.)

67 Av. de la Bour­don­nais (7th arr.)

33 Rue des Batig­nolles, 17th arrondissement

The Beans on Fire

7 Rue due Gen­er­al Blaise (11th arr.)

61 Rue des Trois Frères (18th arr.)

The Caféothèque de Paris

52 Rue de l’Hô­tel de ville (4th arr.)

The Hood

80 Rue Jean-Pierre Tim­baud (11th arr.)

Viahè Càphê

16 Rue Daval (11th arr.)

Yel­low Tucan

20 Rue des Tour­nelles (4th arr.)


45 Rue des Mar­tyrs (9th arr.)

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