Parc Montsouris

If you’re around the area, come here for a bit of greenery as Parc Montsouris is one of Paris’ green lungs. For the adventurous who’ve read the Da Vinci Code, pretend you’re being chased by some sort of religious institution (of your choice) and see if you can spot the medallions that mark where the old longitudinal meridian used to be (before, sadly, it was moved to Greenwich). You’ll find a fair bit of youth chilling around, as the park is close to a university student accommodation. Other than that, there’s nothing of note.


La Fab­rique aux Gourmandises


Comp­toir Coréen

Joayo Ale­sia

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Marché Jour­dan

Rue Faguet
Open: Wed — 7a to 1:30p; Sat — 7a to 2:30p

Vanves Flea Market

Avenue Marc Sang­nier / Avenue Georges Lafen­stre
Open:Sat­ur­day and Sun­day 7a-2p