Alesia is a residential area where you’ll come across families and the elderly. So, to cater to this cross-section of Parisian residents, there are the usual chain stores and supermarkets. If you head towards Rue Daguerre, however, you’ll get a more dynamic vibe, as the street is flanked by butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers, and other market-type vendors. Of course, the main attraction of this quarter is the Catacombs, where the remains of more than six million humans call this maze of former stone quarries ‘home’. 


Aux Mer­veilleux de Fred


Trois Fois Plus de Piment

Le Ruis­seau


Le Choco­lat Alain Ducasse

Food Markets

Marché Brune

Boule­vard Brune
Open: Thu — 7a to 1:30p; Sun — 7a to 2:30p

Marché Mou­ton-Duver­net

Place Jacques Demy
Open: Tue, Fri — 7a to 1:30p

Marché Ville­main

Avenue Ville­main
Open: Wed — 7a to 1:30p; Sun — 7a to 2:30p