Speakeasies + Hidden Bars in Paris

Here are a few speakeasies that will surely get you to start speaking easy, and bars on that narrow side street that make you have to pause to gain confidence to walk (who are we kidding– sprint) down. To get there is like a treasure hunt where booze is the prize. So yes, don an eye-patch and find that booty.

Rehab Saint-Honoré

~They try to make me go to Rehab and I say~ …YES! Hid­den behind a mir­ror door in the luxe Hotel Nor­mandy in the 1st arrondisse­ment, there’s a place that will make you sing, thanks to it’s amaz­ing (and CBD infused) drinks. Each one of their com­plex cock­tails is thought­ful­ly cre­at­ed, inspired by the his­to­ry of the build­ing (almost 150 years of it, in fact — you know). If you are not in the mood to read, you can also just grab a beer, or a soft — they are CBD infused as well. And since rumour has it that CBD helps with the hang­over, you can tru­ly just lie down on one of their (metaphor­i­cal) opi­um beds and sim­ply ~chill out~ the night. 

ADDRESS: 7 Rue de l’Échelle (1st arr.)

MÉTRO: Pyra­mides (lines 7, 14) or Palais Royale — Musée du Lou­vre (line 1, 7)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Lou­vre / Riv­o­li / Tuileries

PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

DEETS: zero waste move­ment, First CBD cock­tail bar in the city, Belle-Epoque decor, speakeasy

INSTAGRAM: @rehabsainthonore

Baranaan Paris

Hid­den behind the back door of an Indi­an restau­rant, there’s a patchouli-scent­ed pas­sage­way that will take you to aboard the train leav­ing to a mys­ti­fy­ing king­dom of cock­tails and naan bread. The inspi­ra­tion for this place was a sto­ry con­nect­ed to the 1949 Bom­bay Pro­hi­bi­tion Act, times in which those in pos­ses­sion of alco­hol could face even 5 years in prison. But the liquer lovers found a solu­tion — a mys­te­ri­ous train, leav­ing Mum­bai every evening at 6 pm, tak­ing its pas­sen­gers to a neigh­bour­hood state, where the law did not apply. While the alco­hol is basi­cal­ly any­thing but for­bid­den in Paris, the cock­tails in Baranaan taste so good they almost *should* be ille­gal. They also have a nice selec­tion of liqueurs from around the world, if that whole train sto­ry made you want to trav­el as well.

ADDRESS: 7 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Mar­tin (10th arr.)

MÉTRO: Stras­bourg St. Denis (lines 4, 8, 9) or Jaques Bon­ser­gent (line 5)

NEIGHBORHOOD:St. Denis / St. Mar­tin / Pois­son­nière / Paradis


HOW TO BOOK: online

DEETS: hid­den space, street food, cool sto­ry bro, Bol­ly­wood music, open 7/7

INSTAGRAM: @baranaan_paris

Mobster Bar

From the bad boys respon­si­ble for the Mob­ster Din­er burg­ers, this pro­hi­bi­tion-times-inspired bar can only be accessed with a secret code found via an old-school phone booth (are any new-school though? Would be in handy for the times your phone dies, like, in the mid­dle the whole night of bar crawl­ing…). Inside? Art-deco inte­ri­or and jazz ooz­ing from the speak­ers. Super secret tip: Car­ry a copy of The Great Gats­by with you for an extra ~spicy~ evening. 

ADDRESS: 8 Rue de Crus­sol (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Oberkampf (lines 5, 9) or Filles de Cal­vaire (line 8)

NEIGHBORHOOD:Oberkampf / Folie Méricourt


HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

DEETS: speakeasy, mob, pro­hi­bi­tion, art-deco, secret code entrance

INSTAGRAM: @mobster_bar

Le Comptoir Général

Neigh­bor­hood: Canal St. Mar­tin. Mood: Afro­cen­tric aban­don. Mad­ness can break out at any moment in just the right way. What you’re get­ting your­self into: unpre­ten­tious danc­ing to music that varies by the night (most like­ly a mix of dance­able Latin hits and club music) and unique trop­i­cal themed cock­tails (not like daiquiris but their own cre­ations using African fruits). Not touristy. Is it worth cross­ing town for: 10/10, oui. How hard is it to get in? The entry is bare­ly marked. It’s a gate that looks like it goes to a dri­ve­way. There, you walk to the end of a dark­ened path (qui­et­ly so as not to dis­turb the neigh­bors) and fol­low the neon.

ADDRESS: 80 Quai de Jemmapes (10th arr.)

MÉTRO: Goncourt (line 11)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Canal St. Martin


HOW TO BOOK: online

DEETS: weird space, cock­tails, danc­ing, hid­den space

INSTAGRAM: @lecomptoirgeneral


From the out­side, it may look like a laun­dro­mat, but open a door dis­guised as a wash­er and find a cock­tail bar with a fun and quirky envi­ron­ment. Cock­tails are mixed with pre­cise scents and fla­vors to cre­ate drinks with unique har­monies, and they change up the menu every quar­ter to reflect what’s in season.

ADDRESS: 30 Rue René Boulanger (10th arr.)

MÉTRO: République (lines 3, 5, 9, 11)



HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +83 8 09 04 40 76

DEETS: cock­tail bar, speakeasy

INSTAGRAM: @lavomatic_paris


Dis­guised as a small gro­cery store, this speakeasy has a fun Mid­dle East­ern aes­thet­ic; serv­ing drinks in col­or­ful ceram­ic cups and offer­ing small plates of  tra­di­tion­al Mid­dle East­ern foods. Find­ing this hid­den door can be tricky, but those famil­iar with tra­di­tion­al Maghreb cui­sine ingre­di­ents will have an eas­i­er time (hint, hint).

ADDRESS: 24 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth (3rd arr.)

MÉTRO: Tem­ple (line 3)



HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

DEETS: cock­tail bar, speakeasy

INSTAGRAM: @lepicier_paris

Little Red Door

Behind a lit­tle red door is a less lit­tle, but still kind of lit­tle, moody cock­tail bar. It’s cozy and invit­ing, serv­ing drinks mixed per­fect­ly with sci­ence, art, and fla­vor per­cep­tion in mind. The exposed brick wall gives it charm, the orig­i­nal menu is play­ful and cre­ative, and it was named one of the top 50 bars in the world.

ADDRESS: 60 Rue Char­lot (3rd arr.)

MÉTRO: Filles du Cal­vaire (line 8)


PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions


DEETS: cock­tail bar, speakeasy

INSTAGRAM: @littlereddoorparis

Prescription Cocktail Club

If your doc­tor pre­scribed a good night out, look to the left bank where this chic cock­tail bar is locat­ed. They boast inno­v­a­tive house drinks while still mak­ing the clas­sics proud. And as a speakeasy, the moody light­ing and a dark­er ambiance lends to its styl­ish aesthetic.

ADDRESS: 23 rue Mazarine (6th arr.)

MÉTRO: Odéon (lines 4, 10)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Saint-Ger­main-des-Prés

PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 46 34 67 73

DEETS: cock­tail bar, speakeasy

INSTAGRAM: @prescriptioncocktailclubparis

Le Très Particulier

With the largest hotel gar­den in the cap­i­tal, Trés Par­ti­c­uli­er boasts refresh­ing cock­tails and lux­u­ri­ous bub­bly. Along with the hotel’s restau­rant, Le Grand Salon, the space feels sophis­ti­cat­ed with flour­ish­ing flower bou­quets and soft light­ing. The black and white check­ered floor­ing and red vel­vet chairs sit under a canopy of green­ery, trans­port­ing you into anoth­er time.

ADDRESS: 23 Avenue Junot Pavil­lon D (18th arr.)

MÉTRO: Lamar­ck — Caulain­court (line 12)


PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 53 41 81 40

DEETS: bistro­nom­ic restau­rant, lux­u­ry, cock­tail bar, hotel bar

INSTAGRAM: @hotelparticuliermontmartre

Le Bar À Bulles

Nes­tled in the Cité Véron (Cité being one of the sexy French ways of say­ing alley­way), Le Bar À Bulles is a time­less bar hid­den on the roof of the Moulin Rouge in the heart of the seedy/hipster Pigalle dis­trict. Its ter­race is pop­u­lat­ed with Japan­ese maples and inside rests vel­vet bench­es and hang­ing plants. The atmos­phere is cozy and the menu offers brunch on the week­ends. Don’t miss the pho­to booth to immor­tal­ize your night par­ty­ing under the wind­mill of the Moulin Rouge.

ADDRESS: 4Bis Cité Véron (18th arr.)

MÉTRO: Place de Clichy (lines 2, 13)



HOW TO BOOK: online

DEETS: restau­rant bar, not open Mon­day-Tues­day, ter­race, rooftop, week­end brunch, aper­i­tif, tapas, cock­tail bar

INSTAGRAM: @barabullesparis

No Entry

Hid­den inside Pink Mam­ma restau­rant  is this sexy Ital­ian speakeasy. The ambiance is suave and relax­ing and the secrets of the clas­sic Ital­ian cock­tails are flow­ing. If you’re look­ing for some cheesy, deli­cious, authen­tic piz­za and a cock­tail to wash it all down, look no further.

ADDRESS: 20 bis Rue de Douai (9th arr.)

MÉTRO: Pigalle (lines 2, 12)



HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

DEETS: cock­tail bar, Ital­ian speakeasy

INSTAGRAM: @bigmammagroup


Sip cock­tails and enjoy the rooftop gar­den cock­tail bar at La Per­ruche, a lux­u­ry restau­rant in the 8th arrondisse­ment. The restau­rant inside has immac­u­late views with large bay win­dows, but the true views come from the roof where you can see the Eif­fel Tow­er. With beach-chic vibes, the cock­tail bar has cushy yel­low chairs from where you can watch the sun set.

ADDRESS: Print­emps de l’Homme, 2 Rue du Havre 9th floor (9th arr.)

MÉTRO: Chaussée d’An­tin — La Fayette (lines 7, 9)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Palais Gar­nier / Grands Boulevards

PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 40 34 01 23

DEETS: restau­rant bar, lunch, din­ner, cock­tail bar, rooftop gar­den, Eif­fel Tow­er view

INSTAGRAM: @perruche_paris

Ice Kube Bar

Don’t wor­ry if you don’t have a coat, they’ll loan you one. There’s no food and you can basi­cal­ly with­stand 25 min­utes or so, there­fore the set­up is thus: 25 euros for  25 min­utes and 2 cock­tails. Kube Paris is also a fun hotel with a cer­tain open spir­it. The sur­round­ing land­marks like le Sacre Coeur and gen­er­al Mont­martre pret­ti­ness are also more fun after those 2 sub zero cocktails. 

ADDRESS: 1 Pas­sage Ruelle  (18th arr.)

MÉTRO: La Chapelle (line 2)


PRICE: 25 euros for admis­sion and 2 drinks

HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 42 82 34 56

DEETS: Mont­martre, weird, the cold nev­er both­ered me any­way vibes

INSTAGRAM: @kubehotelparis

Le Top at Point Éphémère

With a ter­race on the water and a rooftop bar, trendy Le Top at Point Éphémère is a place to wist­ful­ly look out onto the Canal Saint-Mar­tin and sip a cock­tail. It’s the per­fect place to enjoy the sum­mer while loung­ing in col­or­ful chairs as it is only open in the warm sea­son when it’s nice outside.

ADDRESS: 200 Quai de Valmy (10th arr.)

MÉTRO: Louis Blanc (lines 7, 7B)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Canal Saint-Mar­tin


HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 40 34 02 48

DEETS: event space, rooftop bar, by the water, terrace

INSTAGRAM: @pointephemere

Mama Shelter West

AFTER 12 P.M. ONLY: Admire the Parisian sky­line (includ­ing the Eif­fel Tow­er!) with a cock­tail in hand at Mama Shel­ter West’s Rooftop bar. The eighth-floor rooftop bar is the per­fect place to enjoy a late night piz­za or an after­noon snack with its plush white loungers and striped umbrel­las. If you’re feel­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly frisky, you can even engage in a friend­ly game of ping-pong.

ADDRESS: 20 Avenue de la Porte de la Plaine (15th arr.)

MÉTRO: Porte de Ver­sailles (line 12)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Mont­par­nasse


HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 70 94 14 14

DEETS: hotel bar, rooftop bar, piz­za, ping-pong table, cock­tail pitch­ers, Eif­fel Tow­er views

INSTAGRAM: @mamashelterpariswest

Auteuil Brasserie

Locat­ed in the heart of the 16th arrondisse­ment, Auteuil Brasserie has a cov­ered rooftop great for win­ter (it’s heat­ed!) or sum­mer cock­tail sip­ping on cush­ioned bench­es. Dis­cov­er deli­cious Ital­ian-inspired cui­sine and share a bur­ra­ta or a piz­za with friends at this trendy brasserie.

ADDRESS: 78 Rue d’Au­teuil (16th arr.)

MÉTRO: Michel-Ange Auteuil (lines 9, 10)

NEIGHBORHOOD:Bois de Boulogne


HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 40 71 11 90

DEETS: Ital­ian restau­rant, brasserie, rooftop, ter­race, wine merchant

INSTAGRAM: @auteuilbrasserie

Café A

Enjoy Café A’s ter­race on a sun­ny week­end day while sip­ping a mimosa and absolute­ly crush­ing a pan­cake brunch, or enjoy the indoor cock­tail bar and restau­rant if the weath­er is a bit on the chilly side. Either way, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy com­pa­ny.

ADDRESS: Mai­son de l’Ar­chi­tec­ture, 148 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Mar­tin (10th arr.)

MÉTRO: Château d’Eau (line 4)

NEIGHBORHOOD: St. Denis / St. Mar­tin / Pois­son­nière / Paradis


HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 9 81 29 83 38

DEETS: restau­rant bar, week­end brunch, ter­race, ani­mals not wel­come, event space

Le Montana

Hid­den in plain sight, Le Mon­tana is a hip bar and club that’s known for being ultra-exclu­sive. They boast vault­ed cel­lars with stel­lar DJ per­for­mances after hours, but remem­ber that the bar upstairs is a great place to throw back a few cock­tails before get­ting your dance on. So if you man­age to get in, savor every moment.

ADDRESS: 28 Rue Saint-Benoît (6th arr.)

MÉTRO: Saint-Ger­main-des-Prés (line 4)



HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 53 63 79 20

DEETS: cock­tail bar, club, danc­ing, exclusive

INSTAGRAM: @hotelmontanaparis


A true taque­ria, Can­de­lar­ia serves up clas­sic tacos and margs in the 3rd arrondisse­ment. And while the food alone is a rea­son to go, behind the taque­ria and through an unmarked door is a secret: a hid­den, low-lit, relaxed cock­tail lounge. It’s a favorite for the younger crowds and you can watch the chefs make their orders in the open kitchen right from the bar.

ADDRESS: 52 Rue de Sain­tonge (3rd arr.)

MÉTRO: Oberkampf (lines 5, 9)



HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 42 74 41 28

DEETS: cock­tail bar, ter­race, taque­ria, Mex­i­can food, speakeasy

INSTAGRAM: @candelariaparis

Monsieur Bleu

From June to Sep­tem­ber, Mon­sieur Bleu opens its sum­mer ter­race every evening. With exquis­ite house cock­tails and beau­ti­ful bot­tles of rosé, it’s a place to relax and vibe with night­ly live music and a selec­tion of tapas until 3am.

ADDRESS: 20 Avenue de New York (16th arr.)

MÉTRO: Tro­cadéro (lines 6, 9)

NEIGHBORHOOD:Chail­lot / Trocadéro

PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 47 20 90 47

DEETS: restau­rant bar, French cui­sine, veg­e­tar­i­an friend­ly, ter­race, tapas, open 6:30p-3a


Locat­ed in the 11th arrondisse­ment and hid­den inside Da Vito pizze­ria, Moon­shin­er is a speakeasy and cock­tail bar. But the bar isn’t ~just~ hid­den inside the pizze­ria. Rather, it’s hid­den from with­in behind a false fridge door. As one of the first speakeasies in Paris, it takes after the clas­sic Amer­i­can aes­thet­ic with exposed brick, air con­di­tion­ing blast­ing, and low and cozy seating.

ADDRESS: 5 Rue Sedaine (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Bréguet — Sabin (line 5)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Bastille / Arse­nal / Roquette


HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 9 50 73 12 99

DEETS: cock­tail bar, speakeasy, retro jazz

INSTAGRAM: @moonshiner_cocktail_bar

The Shed

Locat­ed on top of the Hotel des Grands Boule­vards, The Shed is a small hid­den rooftop gar­den bar. It’s rus­tic-chic with com­fy pink and red sofas and tables sur­round­ed by green­ery. They have a small but mighty list of cock­tails along with their cham­pagne and wine selection.

ADDRESS: 17 Boule­vard Pois­son­nière (2nd arr.)

MÉTRO: Bonne Nou­velle (lines 8, 9)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Opéra Gar­nier / Grands Boulevards

PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 85 73 33 32

DEETS: rooftop bar, tapas, French-Ital­ian cui­sine, hid­den bar, hotel bar

Rosa Bonheur Buttes Chaumont

This park tav­ern is a place to meet new peo­ple, dance to good music, and gob­ble down home­made tapas and wood-fired piz­zas. They alter­nate between live DJs, themed evenings, Sevil­lanas, and tav­ern balls, but it’s always a place of good ser­vice and drinks.

ADDRESS: 2 Avenue de la Cas­cade (19th arr.)

MÉTRO: Botzaris ( line 7B) or Jour­dain (line 11)

NEIGHBORHOOD:Buttes Chau­mont


HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 42 00 00 45

DEETS: gar­den, out­door, pub, tav­ern, events

INSTAGRAM: @rosabonheurofficiel

Le Louxor Terrasse

Locat­ed on the third floor of the Loux­or Palais du ciné­ma, this bar has a ter­race that over­looks the Sacré-Coeur and Bar­bès. The bar offers light meals and arti­san wines care­ful­ly select­ed by the house. So whether you take in a movie and then drink, or vice ver­sa, the option will be there.

ADDRESS: 170 Boule­vard de Magen­ta (10th arr.)

MÉTRO: Anvers (line 2)

NEIGHBORHOOD: St. Denis / St. Mar­tin / Pois­son­nière / Paradis


HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 44 63 96 98

DEETS: movie the­ater, hid­den bar, light meals

INSTAGRAM: @toitoi_montoit

La Mezcaleria

La Mez­ca­le­ria is a hid­den cock­tail bar with the largest selec­tion of Mez­cal in France. Locat­ed in the 3rd arrondisse­ment, it’s an under­ground bar at the 1K Paris hotel where they offer an authen­tic Oax­a­ca experience.

ADDRESS: 13 Boule­vard du Tem­ple (3rd arr.)

MÉTRO: Filles du Cal­vaire (line 8)


PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 42 71 77 15

DEETS: hid­den bar, mez­cal, restau­rant, cock­tail bar, hotel bar

INSTAGRAM: @lamezcaleriaparis

Jacques’ at the Hoxton

Climb up an orig­i­nal 18th cen­tu­ry spi­ral stair­case to access Jacques’, the hid­den cock­tail bar at The Hox­ton. It’s a cozy hide­away with an exten­sive cock­tail menu and tide-you-over snacks. Their inti­mate set­ting has gor­geous flower wall­pa­per and com­fort­able suede lounge sofas to snug­gle into for the night.

ADDRESS: 30–32 Rue du Sen­tier (2nd arr.)

MÉTRO: Grands Boule­vards (lines 8, 9)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Opéra Gar­nier / Grands Boulevards

PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 85 65 75 75

DEETS: cock­tail bar, hid­den bar, hotel bar

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