Place Sainte-Marthe / Combat

Hidden from even the most adventurous tourists, and even Parisians who somehow don’t know this truly hidden enclave, Place Sainte-Marthe is the epicenter of activist cool. (Can I please Speak to The Manager of the English Language? Can we have another suitable word for ‘cool’, please… I’m trying to ~write~ here…—KW) It’s where locals are too busy protesting something to keep even their own shops open. If you happen upon this quarter, do check out uber-cool (there we go again!) spots like La Sardine, Crêperie Armorix, Le Renard, Le Dixième Degré and Le Galopin. If they deign be open.

coffee shops

Belleville Brû­lerie

bakeries + sweets

Ate­lier Mac­arons Papy Bio


La Sar­dine

Crêperie Armorix

Pan­da Panda


La Cave à Michel

La Cave de Belleville

Le Verre Taquin

Chuck Mau­rice

food markets

Marché Vil­lette

Boule­vard de la Vil­lette
Open: Wed — 7a to 1:30p; Sat — 7a to 2:30p