Ternes / Arc de Triomphe

This deader-than-dead part of the 17th is best left unvisited: The 17th is, generally speaking, almost completely lacking in redeeming qualities (see Batignolles, above, for the exception), so this zone is truly the pits. If you do find yourself lost around here, head quickly northeast for some fresh air in Parc Monceau, or head southeast for some not-so-fresh car fumes at the uber-famous, congested Place de l’Étoile and its proud Arc de Triomphe. You might die run-over by a speeding, enraged Parisian on a moped, but at least you won’t die of boredom.

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Les Belles Envies

The French Bastards


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Marché Cou­vert des Ternes (Indoors)

8 bis rue Lebon
Open: Tues­days to Fri­days — 8a to 2:30p and 4p to 7:30p; Sat — 8:00a to 7:30p; Sun — 8:00a to 1p