Quaint rue Montorgueil is simultaneously foodie central and tourist trap, as it’s always packed with tourists…and some locals. It has a rich history that includes a claim to Paris’ first boulangerie (Stohrer–still worth it after almost 300 years). Rue Montmartre, rue Tiquetonne and all the other streets criss-crossing nearby are definitely also worth checking out. The in-the-know locals are found on rue du Nil – a hive of edgy offerings – Frenchie Bar à Vins (if you can’t snag a res at Frenchie), L’Arbre à Café, where you can try some very unusual tasting coffee (in a good way), PLAQ bean-to-bar chocolates, Terroirs d’Avenir boulangerie (which recently reformulated its croissant to among the best in the city…). The area is worth a visit but stick to our recommendations as it’s 50/50 tourist traps/absolute culinary gems…

And, if you love chocolate, stray a bit off the beaten path to rue de Mulhouse for one of the most delicious things we have ever put our mouth on — the raw vegan hot chocolate at Rrraw Chocolats where you can also get a tour of the chocolate-making process in this tiny, but mighty, space.

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