Best Ice Creams, Gelato, and Frozen Treats in Paris

Paris being Paris, it rarely disappoints when it comes to all things foodie, even in the frozen treats department. Berthillon, that most Parisian of all ice cream makers, is consistently good (especially the caramel beurre salé flavor), but don’t stop after Berthillon. Explore all these other temples of creamy frozen goodness.


You know when that sun­dae that you ordered comes with the most per­fect and silky whipped cream? That’s what you get at Berthillon. With­out a doubt, any­one who enjoys the occa­sion­al ice-cream, can’t miss this spot. It’s quaint and sweet (which is also seen by how the peo­ple behind the counter love to help you pick out your fla­vors if you’re feel­ing a lit­tle too over­whelmed) but also very lux­u­ri­ous. Make your way to this ice cream shop if you’re look­ing for those intense fla­vors. As there can some­times be a long line at the orig­i­nal shop in the sum­mer, check out the lit­tle restos behind the Notre Dame on the Île Saint-Louis — they serve Berthillion with min­i­mal lines, espe­cial­ly our friends at Pain d’Epices on Rue Jean Bellay


ADDRESS: 31 Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, in the 4th arrondissement

MÉTRO: Pont Marie (Cité des Arts) (line 7)

HOURS: Closed on Mon­day and Tues­day (but the oth­er spots are open then so don’t deprive yourself)


NUMBER: +33 1 43 54 31 61

INSTAGRAM: @berthillon_officiel

Café Isaka

They are first and fore­most knows as « Paris’ first deep fried ice cream », but Café Isa­ka is actu­al­ly much more than that (even though this should be enough to check them out, because, who does­n’t like a good bowl of fried n’ frozen). Cre­at­ed by world cham­pi­on ice cream mak­er, Gérard Tau­rin, this arti­san glac­erie offers a vari­ety of fla­vors inspired by Asian cui­sine — from basics such as black sesame and man­go sor­bet, to cre­ative con­cepts like white rab­bit can­dy, thai tea or azu­ki. If you’re a fan, they also offer ice-cream mochi made to order. You can always grab a ball to go, but we rec­om­mend sit­ting down and enjoy­ing ~the full expe­ri­ence~ of that panko-fried ice cream with some deli­cious toppings.

ADDRESS: 9 Rue Thérèse, in the 1st arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Pyra­mides (lines 7 and 14)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Place Vendôme / Palais Royal

NUMBER: +33 9 78 80 07 47

INSTAGRAM: @cafe_isaka

REŸS — Glaces Eternelles

Indi­an wed­ding, Bangkok walk, Dragon’s kiss, Ama­zon­ian gods. No, these aren’t songs tak­en from a knock-off Red Hot Chili Pep­pers band. These are…drum roll please…ice cream fla­vors (impos­si­ble to guess, right?) With these unusu­al fla­vor pair­ings and even more unique tex­tures, it takes a team of experts to be able to pull it off. Here’s an exam­ple of one of their more sophis­ti­cat­ed ice creams: the Tsat­si­ki Crê­tois. Ok, here comes the fla­vors. Are you sit­ting down? Here they are.…greek yoghurt, cucum­ber, olive oil, mint, lemon, gar­lic. All that there is left to say is: don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. There’s usu­al­ly a line in sum­mer but it moves quickly.

ADDRESS: 4 Rue du Bourg Tibourg, in the 4th arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Hôtel de Ville (line 11)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: +33 1 57 40 60 35

INSTAGRAM: @reys_glaces_eternelles

+82 Paris

Are there good ice cream places in the South side of town? Of course there are. Known from their bing­su (shaved ice dessert made with con­densed milk), as well as oth­er Kore­an sweet treats, this place will be per­fect spot for charg­ing up your bat­ter­ies after hours of roam­ing around beau­ti­ful streets of the Latin Quar­ter. Don’t for­get to order some great cof­fee (still quite rare in Paris!) or a glass of water­mel­on juice for an addi­tion­al kick.

ADDRESS: 11bis Rue Vauquelin, in the 5th arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Place Mon­ge (line 7)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Latin Quar­ter

INSTAGRAM: @plus82paris

Bonpot Café

Bon­pot is the place where all the real stuff hap­pens, despite them being real­ly close to the touristy places. Here you can hide from all the walk­ing and/or shop­ping, sink into (kind of weird, but cosy) chairs and go crazy with their bibim­bap lunch box­es (tastes even bet­ter than it sounds). Before you leave to con­tin­ue on your Parisian adven­ture, step  into their salon de thé for some bing­su or taikayi — more fill­ing, cake‑y ver­sion of the for­mer. If you want the dream to last even longer, don’t hes­i­tate to check out their oth­er loca­tion at rue Mont­martre to dis­cov­er all the (new) rea­sons why we love Kore­an food

ADDRESS: 94 Rue de Riche­lieu, in the 2nd arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Bourse (line 3) or Riche­lieu — Drouot (lines 8 and 9)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Sen­tier / Cov­ered Pas­sages / Bourse

NUMBER: +33 1 40 20 95 54 

INSTAGRAM: @bon­pot­paris


We all know ice cream (ehm…gelato) comes from a very spe­cif­ic place in the world. So, if you’re in Paris but still want to expe­ri­ence that authen­tic gela­to (or some­thing that comes very very close to it), this is the place. Why? Well, because they also have some shops in Rome. And when in Rome…(the ice cream is just as sol­id in the Paris GROM as it is in the one in Rome — oh, and you can also find them in New York). Salt­ed caramel, Gian­du­ja, Pis­ta­chio, Vanilla…and so much more to choose from.

ADDRESS: 81 Rue de Seine in the 6th arr., 96 Rue Mon­torgueil in the 2nd arr. , 19 Rue Souf­flot in the 5th arr. , 16 Rue Vieille-du-Tem­ple in the 4th arr. 

NEIGHBORHOODS: St. Ger­main des Prés , Mon­torgueil, Latin Quar­ter, le Marais

INSTAGRAM: @gromgelato


Ital­ian-style gela­to? Yes. But not only. As soon as you enter this unas­sum­ing navy shop, it’s like step­ping into lit­tle Italy. On your left, right, mid­dle, top, bot­tom (you get it), there’s an array of Ital­ian gas­tro­nom­i­cal prod­ucts. The dif­fer­ence between this ice cream place and oth­ers, is that you can choose the style of your cup (or cone) and pick as many fla­vors as you want…no lim­it. It goes with­out say­ing that all the ice cream is made in-house. 

ADDRESS: 39 Rue du Roi de Sicile, in the 4th arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Hôtel de Ville (line 11)


NUMBER: +33 1 42 77 08 64

INSTAGRAM: @pozzettoparis


This tiny place could be eas­i­ly dis­missed by those in search for iced treats, but, boy, they would miss a trea­sure plan­et. MAEUM is indeed first and fore­most a con­cept store with Kore­an clothes and jew­el­ry, yet if you man­age to secure a spot, you know it’s your lucky day. Their bing­su fla­vors are always sea­son­al and just. so. beau­ti­ful­ly. pre­pared. Also, a big shoutout for the hand­made designs on the glass­es; the moment they start sell­ing those, we’ll be the first in line!

ADDRESS: 2 Rue de Les­digu­ières, in the 4th arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Bastille (line 1, 5, 8)

HOURS: Closed Sun­day — Tuesday

NEIGHBORHOOD: Le Marais / Bastille 

INSTAGRAM: @maeumofficial

Une Glace à Paris

The ice cream fla­vors are orig­i­nal whilst style keep­ing it classy (we are in Paris after all). Smoked choco­late and rose water. Pas­sion fruit and milk rice. Yes, you may encounter a line out­side (which to be hon­est you should be used to by now because there are many many many pop­u­lar places in Paris) but it moves briskly. You’ve been reas­sured. Don’t shy away from ask­ing for samples…who would­n’t want to try orange blos­som or lychee caramel before committing? 


ADDRESS: 15 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bre­ton­ner­ie, in the 4th arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Hôtel de Ville (line 11)

HOURS: Closed on Mon­day and Tuesday


NUMBER: +33 1 49 96 98 33

INSTAGRAM: @une_glace_a_paris

La Glacerie

Def­i­nite­ly on the prici­er side but worth every cent. Just walk by the window…it’s impres­sive. For a lack of bet­ter words: glazed balls (bon bons) stare at you whilst you pick from the array of fla­vors behind the bar. It’s also known to be extreme­ly aller­gy-friend­ly. All the scoops and can­dy bars (because they don’t only offer ice cream…duh) are so metic­u­lous­ly hand­craft­ed. Hon­est­ly, it looks like you just stepped into an episode of ‘School of Choco­late’ (only it’s not a school, it’s a cre­ative space, and instead of ama­teurs, it’s Amau­ry Guichon).

ADDRESS: 13 Rue du Tem­ple, in the 4th arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Hôtel de Ville (line 11)

HOURS: Closed on Mon­day and Tuesday


NUMBER: +33 1 55 43 91 96

INSTAGRAM: @laglacerieparis

Pastelli Mary Gelateria

Psst…many Ital­ians say that this place has the best Ital­ian ice cream. But hey…don’t take my word for it. With a very arti­sanal vibe and cosy feel­ing, the ice cream is hand­made by, you guessed it, Mary (Maria?). Dur­ing the sum­mer time, you should obvi­ous­ly get your­self some ice cream. Dur­ing the win­ter months, get your­self a hot choco­late (and a scoop cause that nev­er hurt nobody). 


ADDRESS: 60 Rue du Tem­ple, in the 3rd arrondissement

MÉTRO: Ram­buteau (line 11)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: +33 9 83 89 05 05



There’s Ital­ian ice cream and French pas­tries with a Japan­ese twist. It’s no news that Paris is the hub for world­ly cuisines and cul­tures. So are you sur­prised that there is a Lebanese ice cream par­lor in the heart of Le Marais? I’m not. The shop is owned by two cousins from Lebanon but they dis­cussed ‘french glac­i­er norms’ with Jean-Thomas Schnei­der to come up with the per­fect bal­ance of fla­vors and tex­tures. Want an exam­ple? Atcha is a sta­ple (milk cream, orange blos­som, lenstic sap with orchid root). Well that was a mouthful. 

ADDRESS: 27 Rue Saint-Antoine, 4th arrondisse­ment but feels like the 11th

MÉTRO: Bastille (line 1)

NEIGHBORHOOD: le Marais or Bastille 

NUMBER: +33 9 54 11 72 09

INSTAGRAM: @baltisparis

Paris Dabang

From the peo­ple who brought to you arguably the best kore­an café in the Latin Quar­ter, +82Paris, their younger sis­ter café is da-ban­gin’. Not only you can grab their famous bing­su, but also indulge on some beau­ti­ful cook­ies, cheese­cake, or mini cakes. In the mood for some­thing savoury? They also serve sand­wich­es with some home­made spreads. Don’t for­get a pot of amaz­ing kore­an tea! Per­fect after­noon hang­out spot right there.

ADDRESS: 6 Rue de la Folie Méri­court, in the 11th arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Oberkampf (line 9)

HOURS: Closed on Mon­day and Tuesday

NEIGHBORHOOD: Oberkampf / Folie-Méricourt

INSTAGRAM: @parisdabang


So…what ice cream does­n’t scream ‘Parisian’? Wine sure does. You might be won­der­ing: Yes, and? What does this have to do with any­thing? Well, feast your eyes (and taste buds) on this ice cream parlor…AND WINE BAR. The hus­band and wife duo changes up the fla­vors of their ice cream based on the sea­sons (some­thing which should not be over­looked). From apri­cot to soy-fla­vored ice cream, the list is just as curat­ed as their wine menu. 


ADDRESS: 10 Rue du Grand Prieuré, in the 11th arrondisse­ment

MÉTRO: Oberkampf (line 9)

HOURS: Closed on Mon­day and Tuesday


NUMBER: +33 1 43 55 02 57

INSTAGRAM: @f.o.l.d.e.r.o.l

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