The Alternative Bakeries of Paris

Did you ever wonder why éclairs are called that? According to French lore, éclair means lightning bolt in French. And these sausage-shaped pastry perfections got their name because they are so very tasty and so very easy to hold in your bare hands that you can eat a whole one (almost) faster than lightning strikes. Voilà.

La Maison Plume

If you’re eager to eat your way through Paris, but are afraid of your food fears get­ting in the way, make a bee­line for this cute lit­tle spot in the heart of Le Marais. La Mai­son Plume is a safe space for every­one with severe food restric­tions, like gluten intol­er­ance or dia­betes. Tara Pidoux, gluten-free her­self since she was a kid, decid­ed to break the invis­i­ble ceil­ing not only by becom­ing a female cheffe pâtis­sière (not so many of them in here), but also by bring­ing the tra­di­tion­al French desserts to those who usu­al­ly had to keep their dis­tance. 

Leav­ing Paris too soon to say good­bye? They deliv­er their prod­ucts in all of France. Talk about com­mit­ment to a philosophy.

ADDRESS: 61 rue Char­lot (3rd arr.)

HOURS: closed Tuesdays

MÉTRO: Filles du Cal­vaire (line 8)


NUMBER: +33 1 71 39 35 02

DEETS: bak­ery, alter­na­tive, sug­ar free, gluten free

INSTAGRAM: @maison­plumepatis­serie


Cloud Cakes

Cloud cakes emerged as a veg­an sanc­tu­ary in the mid­dle of the busy (and fair­ly touristy) parts of the city. While most of the alter­na­tive bak­eries keep their dis­tance, occu­py­ing more faux­hemi­an neigh­bour­hoods like Le Marais or Bastille, this cen­tral place proud­ly offers veg­an break­fasts and lunch­es. While the menu is pret­ty safe in terms of veg­an­ism, its sim­plic­i­ty is not a flaw. More­over, I find their sig­na­ture blue col­or incred­i­bly sooth­ingIf you have time to kill, book a table for their Sun­day brunch.

ADDRESS: 6 Rue Man­dar (2nd arr.) / 32 Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette (9th arr.)

MÉTRO: Sen­tier (line 3) or Éti­enne Mar­cel (line 4)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Mon­torgueil

NUMBER: +33 1 43 72 86 04

DEETS: veg­an bak­ery, in the city cen­ter, birth­day cakes

INSTAGRAM: @cloudcakesfr


This bak­ery, cre­at­ed by a Fran­co-Japan­ese cou­ple, Yoshi­mi Ishikawa and Rodolphe Lan­de­maine (yes, the very same guy who owns the Mai­son Lan­de­maine chain) is def­i­nite­ly a per­fect­ly exe­cut­ed prod­uct of a veg­an agen­da. It lures you in with its ele­gant inte­ri­or, the smell of fresh Dan­ish pas­tries and an eye-pleas­ing stream of trendy clients. Once you enter, you’re hooked. The best part? An untrained eye might not even realise what they are get­ting into. Ha! You just ate veg­an. And you WILL do it again. Their mot­to, though: « Dream fair, eat fun »… I can’t quite fig­ure it out. Real­ly? As long as they are sell­ing their Uma­mi sand­wich, I don’t real­ly need to know everything.

ADDRESS: 2 rue de Turenne (4th arr.) / 54 rue d’Amsterdam (9th arr.) / 86 Boule­vard Beau­mar­chais (11th arr.) / 158 Rue de la Roquette (11th arr.) / 85 rue Ray­mond Losserand (14th arr.)


NUMBER: +33 9 54 40 95 83

DEETS: veg­an, mul­ti­ple loca­tions, asian twist, try their sandwiches

INSTAGRAM: @land_and_monkeys


Cham­bel­land is anoth­er great gluten-free option. With three loca­tions in the out­ly­ing arrondisse­ments, they offer a vari­ety of bread types as well as cook­ies and lunch­es. Feel­ing cre­ative? Check out their web­site for video recipes for their favourite items. Veg­an options are also available. 

ADDRESS: 14 Rue Ter­naux (11th arr.) / 61 Rue de la pompe (16th arr.) / 43 Rue Brochant (17th arr.) 

NEIGHBORHOOD: Batig­nolles

NUMBER: +33 1 40 25 04 68

DEETS: gluten free, online recipes, cool bread cen­tric, birth­day cakes, not in the city center

INSTAGRAM: @boulan­geriecham­bel­land­paris


Helmut Newcake

This sneaky lit­tle bak­ery, hid­den in a back street around the Champs-Elysées and open only a few hours a week, is a Holy Grail of gluten-free pas­try. Whether you just want to grab a quick take-away pain au choco­lat after vis­it­ing the Arc de Tri­om­phe, or need an elab­o­rate birth­day cake — they’ve got you covered.

ADDRESS: 30 Avenue de Fried­land (8th arr.) 

HOURS: opened only on Saturdays

MÉTRO: Charles de Gaulle — Etoile (line 1, 2 and 6 )

NEIGHBORHOOD: Arc de Tri­om­phe / Champs-Elysées / Concorde

DEETS: gluten free, hid­den gem, no sit­ting, catch it (open) if you can

INSTAGRAM: hel­munt­ncw­cake

VG Pâtisserie

VG Pâtis­serie was the first-ever veg­an pas­try shop in France. They also can whip up a full wed­ding cake for your ~sure­ly to turn veg­an after all that wed­ding food~ friends and fam­i­ly. On an every­day basis, they offer tra­di­tion­al French pas­tries as well as cre­ative offer­ings made by their inspired team. They also adhere to the zero-waste move­ment and con­tin­u­ous­ly increase their gluten-free options. You can also pur­chase a tray of ready-to-bake crois­sants to enjoy a veg­an French break­fast every morn­ing dur­ing your Paris stay.

ADDRESS:  123 Boule­vard Voltaire (11th arr.) 

HOURS: closed Mondays

MÉTRO: Voltaire (line 9)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Bastille / Arse­nal / Roquette

NUMBER: +33 1 48 87 13 42

DEETS: veg­an, first veg­an pas­try shop, gluten free options, bake-it-yourself

INSTAGRAM: @vgpatisserie

Sweet Rawmance

Are you still look­ing for that elu­sive French romance every­one talks about? While this romance ~may be~ an uncon­ven­tion­al one, we real­ly do rec­om­mend try­ing it. This resto is a gen­tle lover, one that won’t leave you ques­tion­ing your life choic­es — not food-wise, at least. For a prop­er ménage-à-trois, pick up one of their take-away desserts and enjoy it on the steps of the Sacré-Cœur cathe­dral. At sun­set, obvi­ous­ly, because…romance.

ADDRESS: 17 place Saint-Pierre (18th arr.) 

HOURS: closed Saturdays

MÉTRO: Anvers (line 2) or Abbess­es (line 12)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Bar­bès Roche­chouart / La Goutte d’Or

NUMBER: +33 6 58 67 25 00

DEETS: veg­an, sug­ar free, Sun­day brunch

INSTAGRAM: @sweetrawmance

Les Belles Envies

Les Belles Envies (« Beau­ti­ful Desires ») focus­es on prod­ucts with a low glycemic index, acces­si­ble for ath­letes and dia­bet­ics, or just for those who want to cut down on refined sug­ar. Here you can find every­thing from choco­lates, pas­tries and cook­ies to gro­cery prod­ucts, all of them made with either coconut blos­som sug­ar or malti­tol, as well as var­i­ous types of flour, to ensure that their prod­ucts pass the tests. And who would­n’t want to have a guilt-free choco­late (or 6)“For­get the sug­ar, not what you desire.” I’m sold.

ADDRESS: 3 Rue Mon­ge (5th arr.) / 17 Rue Pon­celet (17th arr.)

MÉTRO: Maubert-Mutu­al­ité (line 10) / Ternes (line 2)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Latin Quar­ter

NUMBER: +33 1 46 22 71 19

DEETS: reduced glycemic index, bak­ery, chocolate

INSTAGRAM: @les­belle­sen­vies


LeGay Choc

More sen­si­tive view­ers are asked to not read any fur­ther, as we’ve entered a new lev­el of ~alter­na­tive~ with these penis-shaped cakes. You can find them in dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes, from my-last-ex small to only-in-porn enor­mous, most of them, even, cov­ered in some kind of ~cream~. All of them curat­ed by Richard LeGay, who ded­i­cates his life to what he loves most. And by that we mean bak­ing, of course. While their prod­ucts do not make you gay (we vouch for it), they will make you go back for more. Bit­ing enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly encouraged.

ADDRESS:  33 rue Ram­buteau (4th arr.)

HOURS: closed Tuesdays

MÉTRO: Ram­buteau (line 11)


NUMBER: +33 6 98 19 56 88

DEETS: freaky, gay, not for pearl clutches

INSTAGRAM: @legaychoc


La Quequetterie

How many penis-shaped bak­eries can you have in one city? Well, this is Paris, so… La Que­quet­terie explores more street food type of naugh­ti­ness, with their fluffy pan­cakes on a stick. With their vari­ety of stuff­ing top­pings (some­times vague­ly dis­turbing­ly shaped, I dare you to check their San­ta Claus). They are also explor­ing savoury tastes, as well as lady part options — because why only half of soci­ety should be hav­ing all the fun? 

ADDRESS:  28 rue d’Aboukir (2nd arr.) / 2 rue du Tem­ple (4th arr.)

MÉTRO: Sen­tier (line 3) / Hôtel de Ville (lines 1, 11)


DEETS: freaky, queer, viral, not for pearl clutch­es, we know you want to lick it

INSTAGRAM: @laque­quet­terie

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