The Best Wine Bars in Paris

We get it, you’re classy. You prefer the finer things in life, the wine‑r things in life, and so does Paris and well, all of France. Rest your pretty little papilles at one of these spots — selected by us as among Paris best wine bars.

Cave Vino Sapiens

Paris’ friend­liest wine guy is Thier­ry, who leads a pack of wine-nerds in the shad­ow of the Eif­fel Tow­er, a neigh­bor­hood which, to be hon­est, is usu­al­ly known for touristy medi­oc­rity. But here, among the bar­rels and bot­tles, are charm­ing Parisian wine experts who are shar­ing the spoils of their hunt– unique, small-batch, wines (some­times TOO small-batch, as when your Edi­tor fell in love with a daz­zling bot­tle of white some­thing after our PARIS » D E F I N E D team par­ty there recent­ly and tot­tered back in to replen­ish her own ‘cave’, only to find that it had all been claimed by in-the-know neigh­bors…dom­mage.) And — the truf­fled Croque Mon­sieur is what you came to Paris for…When the weath­er is nice, snatch the out­door seat­ing to peo­ple (some­times famous-as-all-hell peo­ple, not nam­ing names, though) watch…

ADDRESS: 145 Rue Saint-Dominique (7th arr.)

MÉTRO: Ecole Mil­i­taire (line 8)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Eif­fel Tow­er / Trocadéro


HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 6 31 02 46 16

DEETS: wine bar, cave, Eif­fel Tow­er, terrace

INSTAGRAM: @cavevinosapiens

A Lot Of Wine

Do you want to like nat­ur­al and bio­dy­nam­ic wines but you are afraid of com­ing out to skep­ti­cism and deri­sion by wine snobs who think sediement is not-so-chic? Fear not, you won’t be shunned at A Lot of Wine. (Or in le Marais in gen­er­al…) Out of the clos­et and into a deep selec­tion of some of Paris’ most inter­est­ing wines we go. The Edi­tor of this esteemed pub­li­ca­tion is nev­er not impressed, or at least intrigu­ied by Jean-Noel and Bap­tis­te’s tal­ents for find­ing tru­ly unique bot­tles — that’s why they are at the top of the list. That, and a tru­ly rare phe­nom­e­non (at least in Paris): I always make a new friend here if I linger. My the­o­ry is that the pro­pri­etors set the tone (here, it’s unpre­ten­tious and adven­tur­ous) and the clien­tele fol­lows, cre­at­ing a live­ly and friend­ly scene even in a neigh­bor­hood sat­u­rat­ed with wine bars (most of whom are not full all the time, I sus­pect due to the reverse of this expe­ri­ence…). Let ‘pet-nat’ (that’s petil­lant nat­ur­al or sparkling nat­ur­al) wines be your new BFF just a few min­utes from the Notre Dame. One of my favorite, laid-back out­door seat­ing areas for the sum­mer, just across from the Riv­er Seine and and the very bot­tom of the food­ie/­fash­ion/­Jew­ish/his­to­ry-nerd le Marais quarter.

ADDRESS: 54 Rue de l’Ho­tel de ville (4th arr.)

MÉTRO: Pont Marie (line 7), Saint-Paul (line 1), Hotel de Ville (lines 1, 11)



HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 6 13 25 82 78

DEETS: wine bar, cave, wine tasting

INSTAGRAM: @lotofwine_paris



A lot of places in Paris have this cer­tain a‑bar-next-door vibe, but Olga takes it a step fur­ther, near­ly tele­port­ing you into the kitchen of the French grand­ma you’ve nev­er had. Old wood­en coun­ters, home­made table­ware and — what’s (obvi­ous­ly) the most impor­tant — unique cheeses and wine. A bit of a sweet tooth? Try their deli­cious­ly deca­dent desserts. And if you wan­der around there at lunch time, do not hes­i­tate to try their dai­ly choice of cheese sand­wich­es, on crusty baguette.

ADDRESS: 3 Rue Michel Chasles (12th arr.)

MÉTRO: Gare de Lyon (lines 1, 14)




NUMBER: +33 9 81 68 50 94

DEETS: wine bar, classy but not posh, hid­den gem 

INSTAGRAM: @olga_vins_et_fromages

Liquiderie Cave

Eager for some adven­ture time? You def­i­nite­ly have to come check out Liq­uiderie - a place where you get out of your  com­fort zone and try new things while being total­ly snob­bery-free. With their impres­sive col­lec­tion of nat­ur­al wines and craft beers on tap, there’s bare­ly any chance you’ll try some­thing more than once. Feel­ing over­whelmed? Ask the friend­ly bar­tenders for the rec­om­men­da­tions based on your favourite tastes — or dis­cov­er what you like try­ing out the mix­es they cre­ate on the spot. The same cre­ativ­i­ty sprin­kles are top­ping their menu list, so be sure to try some of their small plates to help all that vin you ~undoubtably~ will drink in that place.

ADDRESS: 9 Rue des Trois Bornes (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Par­men­tier (line 3)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Oberkampf / Folie-Méricourt


HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

DEETS: craft beers, chill bar

INSTAGRAM: @liquiderie


Truf­fle, where have you been all my life? We came for the wine after a restau­ra­teur friend insist­ed we not miss Pratz. He was on to some­thing — we tried inter­est­ing and unex­pect­ed wines from far-flung wine regions but end­ed up inhal­ing a din­ner’s worth of their cheeses and hams (truf­fled ham!) before the night was over. Din­ner be damned, we ram­paged through their wine list glass by glass, with each one worth going back for. In faux-seedy Pigalle, a har­bor from the stormy nightlife scene.

ADDRESS: 59 Rue Jean-Bap­tiste Pigalle (9th arr.)

MÉTRO: Pigalle (lines 2, 12), Saint-Georges (line 12), Blanche (line 2)



HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 77 10 67 03

DEETS: wine bar, nat­ur­al wines

INSTAGRAM: @pratz_paris

Aux Deux Amis

Bon­soir, trend­slut­ty 11th arrondisse­ment! Land of our Parisian (mis-adven­tures)… Aux Deux Amis wine bar has a broad selec­tion of wine, not to men­tion tapas such as their soup du jour and clas­sic (but still amaz­ing­ly deli­cious) baguette sand­wich­es.  Out­doors beck­ons when the weath­er is nice so do your wine-ing with friends there if you can…

ADDRESS: 45 Rue Oberkampf (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Par­men­tier (line 3) or Oberkampf (lines 5, 9)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Oberkampf/­Folie-Méri­court


HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 6 16 72 85 15

DEETS: tapas, wine cellar

INSTAGRAM: @auxdeuxamis

La Belle Hortense

With its pret­ty blue exte­ri­or and right-in-the-puls­ing-cen­ter-of-things loca­tion, La Belle Hort­ense is a dandy shore upon which to wash up after eat­ing your way through the food­ie haven of Le Marais neighborhood…Settle down with a good book and a glass of wine to pon­der all that pas­try that just hap­pened to you. Or just a glass of wine and no pre­ten­sions of being lit­er­ary, or hell, even lit­er­ate.  They often host book events and read­ings and even when they aren’t putting on the ‘Look — I READ’ airs, you can buy wine by the glass, bot­tle, or carafe, for the I’m in an indy book­shop but drink­ing vibe. The walls are lined with bot­tles and quite a few rare books, so bien­v­enue á le bookworm’s dream.

ADDRESS: 31 Rue Vieille du Tem­ple (4th arr.)

MÉTRO: Hôtel de Ville (lines 1, 11)


PRICE: €€  

HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 42 74 59 70

DEETS: wine bar, book read­ings, lit­er­a­ture bar

INSTAGRAM: @labellehortense

Au Nouveau Nez

As a nat­ur­al wine cel­lar and authen­tic Ital­ian bistro, Au Nou­veau Nez is a bit of an out­lier. But hey, Ital­ian small plates, why not. The exten­sive selec­tion of bot­tles line the walls from floor to ceil­ing, cocoon­ing you in a boozi­ly-bliss­ful space for catch­ing up with a friend over a glass.

ADDRESS: 104 Rue Saint-Maur (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Par­men­tier (line 3)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Oberkampf/­Folie-Méri­court


HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 43 55 02 30

PRIVATIZATION: +33 6 60 42 89 89

DEETS: wine cel­lar, Ital­ian bistro

INSTAGRAM: @au_nouveau_nez

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie

Tucked away on a back­street near the Pan­théon, Café de la Nou­velle Mairie is a time­less café where you can grace­ful­ly demand that the staff bring you wine by the carafe and also eat French bistro cui­sine with said carafe. As one of the pio­neer­ing ‘low-sul­phur’ wine estab­lish­ments when such notions were heresy, they con­tin­ue to bear the ‘nat­ur­al wines are good now, pick me pick me,’ torch…

ADDRESS: 19 Rue des Fos­sés Saint-Jacques (5th arr.)

MÉTRO: Car­di­nal Lemoine (line 10) or Lux­em­bourg (RER B)



HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 44 07 04 41

DEETS: wine bar, nat­ur­al wine

Ô Chateau

With a wine menu 30 pages long, you’re sure to find one to your lik­ing. Their Head Som­me­li­er likes to select wines with a sto­ry to tell, and 80% of the wines are organ­ic, bio­dy­nam­ic, or veg­an. The restau­rant has deli­cious appe­tiz­ers and plate selec­tions to go with a glass (or bot­tle??) of wine. Found­ed by the author of the fun­ny as hell book, ‘Stuff Parisians Like’, Oliv­er Magny.

ADDRESS: 68 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1st arr.)

MÉTRO: Éti­enne Mar­cel (line 4)



HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 44 73 97 80

DEETS: wine bar, wine tast­ing, restau­rant, din­ner. fancy

La Buvette

With an adorable baby blue exte­ri­or, La Buvette hous­es a curat­ed array of wines as well as the small plates they seem to do at all wine bars for every­one who says they are just hav­ing one glass of wine but then it turns into din­ner then shut­ting the place down on a school­night… It might be small and quaint, but every­thing from their latkes to their French-ified burg­ers are excel­lent pair­ings for a glass of wine, just let them show you the way…

ADDRESS: 67 rue Saint Maur (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Rue Saint-Maur (line 3) or Saint-Ambroise (line 9)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Oberkampf/­Folie-Méri­court



NUMBER: 09 83 56 94 11

DEETS: wine cel­lar, closed Mon­day-Wednes­day, small plates


L’Avant Comptoir du Marché

Under the arch­es of the Marché Saint-Ger­main is the pret­ty ter­race of L’Avant Comp­toir du Marché. (Beau­coup ~atmos­phere~) Have a seat on the wel­com­ing patio and take your pick from 60-ish small plates (if the chic ter­rasse did­n’t get your atten­tion then how you like me now?). There are beau­coup organ­ic wines to try, whether by the glass or the bottle.

ADDRESS: 14 Rue Lobineau (6th arr.)

MÉTRO: Mabil­lon (line 10)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Jardin du Luxembourg/Odéon


HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 44 27 07 97

DEETS: hotel restau­rant, ter­race, wine bar, open daily

INSTAGRAM: @yves_camdeborde

Lapérouse Cave

This secret cel­lar was saved from the epic, metro-drench­ing, flood of 1910 and is a part of the lux­u­ri­ous Lapérouse restau­rant. With wines from near­ly 800 dif­fer­ent and dis­tinct parts of France, there is bound to be a bot­tle that you’ll love. The Cave has two hid­den lounges: the Veuve Clic­quot with its large tast­ing table, and the Salon d’Hôte for inti­mate viti­cul­ture experiences.

ADDRESS: 51 Quai des Grands Augustins (6th arr.)

MÉTRO: Saint-Michel Notre-Dame (line 4)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Saint-Ger­main-des-Pres

PRICE: €€€€

HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 43 26 68 04

DEETS: secret wine cel­lar, wine tast­ing, closed Sun­day, by reser­va­tion only, luxury

INSTAGRAM: @laperouse_paris

La Cave Du Paul Bert

With a neon red sign, La Cave Du Paul Bert is hard to miss as you stalk the hal­lowed food street Rue Paul Bert. Yet anoth­er wee and nar­row wine bar, there is just enough room to eat small plates stand­ing at the wood­en bar or poten­tial­ly snag a seat on the terrace.

ADDRESS: 16 rue Paul Bert (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Rue des Boulets (line 9), Charonne (line 9) or Faid­herbe-Chaligny (line 8)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Faidherbe/Charonne/Aligre


HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions


DEETS: wine bar, open dai­ly, small plates, French cuisine

INSTAGRAM: @lacavepaulbert

La Cave de Belleville

La Cave de Belleville is a wine bar and cel­lar in a refur­bished leather sup­ply shop, and they’ve con­tin­ued the spir­it by keep­ing the orig­i­nal fur­ni­ture and exposed brick wall. It has real rus­tic, trendy-neigh­bor­hood charm and they offer organ­ic or bio­dy­nam­ic wine with an epic selec­tion. Every third Thurs­day, they orga­nize a the­mat­ic tast­ing event for up to 20 peo­ple with an assort­ment of wines, char­cu­terie, and cheeses. After your street art tour, hit ‘refresh’ on your day with a wine-soaked evening that is rich in the vit­a­mins and min­er­als that plants crave.

ADDRESS: 51 Rue de Belleville (19th arr.)

MÉTRO: Belleville (lines 2, 11)



HOW TO BOOK: online, reserve wine tast­ing by email:

NUMBER: +33 1 40 34 12 95

DEETS: wine cel­lar, gro­cery store, wine bar, wine tast­ing, open daily

INSTAGRAM: @lacavedebelleville

Le Canon d’Achille

Locat­ed in the 19th arrondisse­ment, Le Canon d’Achille focus­es on (most­ly) nat­ur­al wines that sur­prise and delight, along with a (you guessed it) small plates and char­cu­terie and cheese boards (we call them’ planch­es’ here in France). Come enjoy the rar­i­fied  ambiance of the main (albi­et lowkey) red light dis­trict of Paris if you alight on their out­door ter­race on a sun­ny day or retreat into the warm atmos­phere of the bar inside if that’s too much real­i­ty for you. 

ADDRESS: 76 Boule­vard de la Vil­lette (19th arr.)

MÉTRO: Colonel Fabi­en (line 2)



HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 44 52 96 53

DEETS: wine cel­lar, wine bar, closed Sun­day, small ter­race, restaurant

INSTAGRAM: @canondachille

Dilettantes Cave à Champagne

Dilet­tantes Cave à Cham­pagne is a cham­pagne shop that hosts 25 Cham­pagne vine­yards mak­ing over 130 cham­pagne selec­tions to choose from to take home or to try at a Cham­pagne tast­ing. They offer lunch tast­ings, gourmet ter­roir tast­ings, and even caviar tast­ings. Each week they also offer à la carte tast­ings with each glass start­ing at 9€.

ADDRESS: 22 Rue de Savoie (6th arr.)

MÉTRO: Saint-Michel Notre-Dame (line 4)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Saint-Ger­main-des-Prés


HOW TO BOOK: for groups of 10–18, online

NUMBER: +33 1 70 69 98 68

DEETS: cham­pagne shop, wine cel­lar, open Tues­day-Sat­ur­day, wine tasting



In a small yet mighty space, Déviant is an open kitchen restau­rant serv­ing up gourmet cui­sine from renowned chef Pierre Touitou and his part­ner Arnoud Lacombe. Think high-con­cept fin­ger-food in a small space — there’s a non-zero chance you’ll wind up stand­ing at the mar­ble bar top but it’s worth it. They’ve expand­ed to a small ter­race where you can enjoy a glass of wine or arti­sanal beer on warm days.

ADDRESS: 39 Rue des Petites Écuries (10th arr.)

MÉTRO: Château d’Eau (line 4)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Faubourg Saint-Denis


HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 48 24 66 79

DEETS: restau­rant, tapas, wine bar, small ter­race, open daily

INSTAGRAM: @deviantgram

Verjus Bar à Vins

Locat­ed in the 1st arrondisse­ment, Ver­jus Bar à Vins is a small and clas­sic wine bar tucked under their restau­rant, Ver­jus. With an arched brick ceil­ing and tall bar top, the space feels inti­mate and per­fect for two peo­ple. and it’s back after a ren­o­va­tion hia­tus had it on the ropes for…years. So wel­come back, Verjus.

ADDRESS: 52 Rue de Riche­lieu (1st arr.)

MÉTRO: Pyra­mides (lines 7, 14)



HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 42 97 54 40

DEETS: wine bar, open Mon­day-Fri­day, small plates, French

INSTAGRAM: @verjusparis

Frenchie Bar à Vins

Locat­ed in the 2nd arrondisse­ment, on the play­ground of con­nais­seurs — Rue de Nil,  Frenchie Bar à Vins is a place with a friend­ly atmos­phere where you can come to eat alone or with oth­ers. (Or pick up hot men, as we may or may have not done in the past.) If you aren’t ready for a deep­er com­mit­ment across the street to Frenchie (the restau­rant) you can have a fling with Frenchie Bar à Vins’ attrib­ut­es like fresh pas­ta and ter­rines as well as wines you can pur­chase by the glass or bot­tle. Right around the cor­ner from Rue Montorgueil.

ADDRESS: 6 Rue du Nil (2nd arr.)

MÉTRO: Sen­tier (line 3)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Sentier/Covered Passages/Bourse or Montrgueil


HOW TO BOOK: online


DEETS: French cui­sine, open dai­ly, wine bar

INSTAGRAM: @frenchieruedunil

Septime La Cave

Back again we are to the 11th arrondisse­ment, for Sep­time La Cave . Here the focus is on nat­ur­al wines includ­ing white, red, and moun­tain wines, as well as a “slate of the moment” offer­ing the likes of Span­ish wagyu beef, spe­cial­ty cheeses, and Ardèche sausage.

ADDRESS: 3 Rue Bas­froi (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Charonne (line 9)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Bastille/Arsenal or Faid­herbe / Charonne

PRICE: €€€

HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 43 67 14 87

DEETS: wine cel­lar, open dai­ly, wine tasting

INSTAGRAM: @septimeparis

La Cave à Michel

A clas­si­cal­ly small and inti­mate wine bar, La Cave à Michel is the place to get cozy with your fel­low din­ers. There’s a long steel bar top to set your tapas, but be pre­pared to stand and hold your glass of wine.

ADDRESS: 36, rue Sainte-Marthe (10th arr.)

MÉTRO: Belleville (lines 2, 11) or Colonel Fabi­en (line 2)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Place Sainte-Marthe / Com­bat or Belleville


HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 42 45 94 47

DEETS: wine bar, wine cel­lar, tapas bar

INSTAGRAM: @lacavemichel

Le Barav’

Locat­ed in the 3rd arrondisse­ment and in the heart of the Le Marais, Le Bar­av’ offers a good selec­tion of wines as well as meat and cheese boards. The wine bar boasts out­door seat­ing and ample indoor din­ing from high-top tables and bar seat­ing to more inti­mate tables with cozy cush­ioned chairs.

ADDRESS: 6 Rue Charles-François Dupuis (3rd arr.)

MÉTRO: République (lines 3, 5, 8, 9, 11)



HOW TO BOOK: large par­ties only, online

NUMBER: +33 1 48 04 57 59

DEETS: clas­sic French, closed Sun­day-Mon­day, wine bar

INSTAGRAM: @lebaravparis

Le Garde Robe

Estab­lished in 2006, Le Garde Robe is one of Paris’ first nat­ur­al wine bars. They are com­mit­ted to serv­ing clas­sic wines but also boast lit­tle-known and orig­i­nal selec­tions. Browse dish­es that their chef Nigel cre­ates with prod­ucts found from local, organ­ic mar­kets, or go with their famous “Croque du garde” char­cu­terie board.

ADDRESS: 41 Rue de l’Ar­bre Sec (1st arr.)

MÉTRO: Lou­vre – Riv­o­li (line 1)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Lou­vre / Rivoli


HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 1 49 26 90 60

DEETS: wine bar, din­ing cel­lar, organ­ic, open dai­ly, lunch, French cuisine

INSTAGRAM: @legarderobe

Monsieur Henri

Mon­sieur Hen­ri is a love­ly neigh­bor­hood wine bar locat­ed in the 3rd arrondisse­ment. They offer a vari­ety of char­cu­terie boards, small plates, and wine by the glass. Red and white met­al racks hang behind the bar to show off the cur­rent wine selec­tion, and the long bar top is a per­fect perch to sit alone or with a friend.

ADDRESS: 8 Rue de Picardie (3rd arr.)

MÉTRO: Arts et Métiers (lines 3, 11)



HOW TO BOOK: no reser­va­tions

NUMBER: +33 1 57 40 67 76

DEETS: wine bar, lunch, din­ner, small plates, charcuterie

Péniche la Bougeotte

Wine on the water? Yes please! Long time salt­wa­ter sailor Charles Dela­lande opened his dream of com­bin­ing water and wine in 2016 with La Bougeotte. The idea was to fill your face with wines from var­i­ous regions local­ly and across urban and rur­al com­mu­ni­ties in a more eco­nom­ic fash­ion. So kind of a ‘woke’ wine con­cept? The on-board cel­lar is made up of 60–80 wines avail­able to sip while on board or take home, along with oth­er cock­tails and snacks.

ADDRESS: Canal de l’Our­cq (19th arr.)

MÉTRO: Lau­mière (line 5)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Canal de l’Ourcq / La Villette


HOW TO BOOK: online

NUMBER: +33 7 67 72 99 01

DEETS: wine cel­lar, barge, on the water, open Fri­day-Sun­day, organ­ic, local­ly-grown, tast­ing work­shops, live music, event space

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