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Food + Wine Shops in Paris

You thought anywhere you go in Paris you’d have a transcendent wine experience. Non. Non. But fear not. Just follow our guide below and prepare to enjoy vino time as it should be.

A Lot of Wine

Just like its name sug­gests, this place offers a lot of wine; bomb AF Nat­ur­al and Bio­dy­nam­ic wines to be more pre­cise. Jean-Noel, Bap­tiste, and Nel­ly have mer­ci­less­ly curat­ed a list of nat­ur­al and bio­dy­nam­ic wines that nev­er fail to sur­prise. So don’t fear Nat­ur­al wines — they are good now… If you find your­self near Notre Dame, treat your­self to an adven­ture, mouth-first, and burn through their wine list glass-by-glass on a lazy (yet respectably late…) after­noon. Be sure to let them select some char­cu­terie to pair so you don’t have to get up and find some­where else to eat when din­ner­time hap­pens. Then, be hap­py to know that A Lot of Wine dou­bles as a wine shop (as do many wine bars in Paris) so what­ev­er you drink there, you can bring home to drink some more — we don’t judge. This is how it usu­al­ly goes: you’ll walk into it think­ing you’re just going for anoth­er one of those Parisian apéri­tifs, which then becomes char­cu­terie-based din­ner with cheeks aglow and before you know it you’ve made new friends (the lat­ter being a not-often-Parisian experience…)

ADDRESS: 54 Rue de l’Hô­tel de ville (4th arr.)

MÉTRO: Pont Marie (Cité des Arts) (line 7)

HOURS:  (Closed on Monday)


NUMBER: 06 13 25 82 78

INSTAGRAM: @lotofwine_paris

Cave Vino Sapiens

Here’s the best way to describe it: home, but make it wine. It’s a cosy shop that not only serves up new wine almost every time, but you’ll end up stay­ing longer on account of their cheese and char­cu­terie boards. The best thing you can do here is order a chardon­nay (they buy lim­it­ed quan­ti­ties so you’re bound to try some­thing new every time you go there) and get a croque mon­sieur with truf­fle to share as an apéri­tif. Oh, and the Eif­fel Tow­er is just around the corner. 

ADDRESS: 145 Rue Saint-Dominique (7th arr.)

MÉTRO: Ecole Mil­i­taire (line 8)


NUMBER: 06 31 02 46 16

INSTAGRAM: @cavevinosapiens

Caviste Vinosfera

Let’s face it; wine shops are great for drink­ing wine. How­ev­er, they’re also there for the pur­pose of edu­cat­ing peo­ple who want to know more about the wine (imag­ine swirling your glass with your nose halfway down the glass). The own­ers here do just that. The som­me­liers here know their stuff and they don’t shy away from being enter­tain­ing you, either. Don’t for­get to order a cheese board when you do your wine tast­ing. Because in France, drink­ing wine with­out eat­ing some­thing on the side is just gauche.

ADDRESS: 11 Rue François Miron (4th arr.)

MÉTRO: Pont Marie (Cité des Arts) (line 7)


NUMBER: 01 44 93 46 45

INSTAGRAM: @caviste_vinosfera

Divvino Marais

If you want to go all out, this wine shop offers a pri­vate din­ner and wine tast­ing (an ide­al last night in Paris). The som­me­li­er, Mari­na Giu­ber­ti, is known to cater to all types of peo­ple, from begin­ners to experts. If you’re stay­ing in Paris a lit­tle longer, they also offer wine class­es, a per­fect sou­venir to take back home (we all need that friend that can tell us what the best wine is).

ADDRESS: 16 Rue Elze­vir (3rd arr.)

MÉTRO: Saint-Paul (Le Marais) (line 1)


NUMBER: 09 83 74 25 04

INSTAGRAM: @divvinoparis

Caves leGrand

If you’re not into the typ­i­cal wine shops (where all they serve is some cheese and char­cu­terie with the occa­sion­al extra snack), this shop has a built-in restau­rant with a very cre­ative chef. Exam­ples of his ros­ter include a cel­ery root mille-feuille to accom­pa­ny a clas­sic french glass of wine. It’s locat­ed in the Galeries Vivi­enne, walk­ing dis­tance from the Lou­vre. While the menu may not be exten­sive, it does save you from hav­ing to pore over an end­less list of wines, which will give you time to hop over to the Lou­vre to view the lat­est exhib­it. If you’re not com­plete­ly tip­sy, that is.

ADDRESS: 1 Rue de la Banque (2nd arr.)

MÉTRO: Bourse (line 3)

HOURS: Closed Mon­day and Sunday

NEIGHBORHOOD: Sen­tier / Cov­ered Pas­sages / Bourse

NUMBER: 01 42 60 07 12

INSTAGRAM: @caveslegrand

Chambre Noire CAVE

This place has mul­ti­ple loca­tions but we are talk­ing about the wine shop rather than the bar in this case. Enter in this plen­ti­ful cel­lar with ener­gy as this is known to be among the more ‘youth­ful’ wine loca­tions. It is infor­mal and also rel­a­tive­ly cheap com­pared to oth­er wine loca­tions around the city. 

ADDRESS: 35 Rue de la Folie Méri­court (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Oberkampf (line 5, 9)

HOURS: Closed Mon­day and Sunday


INSTAGRAM: @chambrenoireparis