The Belleville area is loud, multicultural, edgy, kinetic. Highlights include: a monthly street food market that sprawls along Boulevard de Belleville; a new wave of contemporary galleries and street art; hilly Parc de Belleville with its dreamy city views; quiet Rue Sainte-Marthe lined with art studios and world food; and a Chinese enclave offering a slew of Asian supermarkets and hole-in-the-wall Asian snacking (in case you’ve had it with rich French cuisine). But don’t fret: inventive, indie French restos do hold their own here, too.

bakeries + sweets

Le Petit Grain


Mon­coeur Belleville

Bang­Bang Hot Food

Le Baratin


cabarets + live music

La Bellevil­loise

Cirque Elec­trique

Le Zèbre de Belleville

food markets

Marché Belleville

Rue de Pali-Kao
Open: Tue, Fri — 7a to 2:30p



Marché Télé­graphe

Rue du Télé­graphe
Open: Wed — 7a to 1:30p; Sat — 7a to 2:30p