Guide to Shopping the French Boutiques in Paris

While we mostly select clothes that may entertain/amuse the general passersby, perhaps you have different objectives for your fashion efforts. We are working on this problematic neural pathway thing with both lawyers and shrinks, so don’t let us stop you from consuming our advice about where to buy French things that are not Chanel/Dior. Do you maybe want that dreamy shopping experience roaming around Paris without crowds of people? Stepping away from the overwhelming department stores and through the doors of these local, French boutiques, could maybe satisfy your thirst for La Mode.  Positioned in between the Dior/Chanel level and the friperie/monoprix level, these are the French brands that Parisians swear by. 


The epit­o­me of fem­i­nin­i­ty, Maje mar­ries glam­our with wear-abil­i­ty. Upon choos­ing the name, founder Judith Mil­grom com­bined togeth­er the ini­tials of her loved ones. We think it’s rather fit­ting for the roman­tic pleat­ed skirts, floor-length silk camisoles and elec­tri­fy­ing flo­ral co-ords. Love is in the air, non?

ADDRESS: 49 Rue Vieille-du-tem­ple (4th arr.) / 7 Av. Des Ternes (17th arr.) / 350 Rue saint-Hon­oré (1st arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: Step­ping off a plane and feel­ing the heat, which is simul­ta­ne­ous­ly a very Parisian chill. Pure bliss. Your tick­et to a one-up on those basic ~ladies~ back home.

INSTAGRAM: @majeparis


The Kooples

The brand that brings the chic to the street, The Kooples hosts a glo­ri­ous col­lec­tion of every­thing from goth­ic frayed leather jack­ets to crisper bold suits. Broth­ers Alexan­dre, Lau­rent, and Raphaël Elicha cre­at­ed the brand in 2008 when search­ing for gen­der-flu­id fash­ion with a relaxed feel. If you wear The Kooples you’re bound to look effort­less­ly cool, with­out real­ly doing any­thing. Who said stand­ing out from the crowd was a bad thing?

ADDRESS: 191 Rue Saint-Hon­oré (1st arr.) / 108 Rue Vieille-du-tem­ple (3rd arr.) / 40 Rue des Abbess­es (18th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: Expect the unexpected 

INSTAGRAM: @thekooples



There’s no brand that quite screams Parisian style than Sézane. Known for their classy dress­es, with hun­dreds of day-to-night styles, Sézane have mas­tered that always sun­ny feel­ing. Mor­gane Séza­lo­ry found­ed the brand in 2013, offer­ing afford­able prices for high qual­i­ty items. You’ll also get an eco-boost shop­ping here, as they con­trol their car­bon foot­print by pro­duc­ing most­ly in Europe.

ADDRESS: 1 rue Saint-Fiacre (2nd arr.) / 63 Boule­vard des Batig­nolles (8th arr.) / 122 Rue du Bac (7th arr.) / 33 Rue des Blancs Man­teaux (4th arr.) / 24 Rue de Sèvres (7th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: A hol­i­day in Provence or that Cham­pagne-house-own­ing blonde friend in Emi­ly in Paris but with­out the (let’s be hon­est) unre­al­is­tic friend­li­ness. Blasé yet avail­able for sale with a click. Aaah­hh, Paris. 

INSTAGRAM: @sezane



Orig­i­nal, cool, com­fort­able and uber mod­ern are a few terms asso­ci­at­ed with IKKS. It all start­ed when founder Gérard Le Goff and design­er Sonia Provost start­ed cre­at­ing children’s cloth­ing through adult fash­ion cycles. IKKS were the first to design black col­ored clothes for kids. If you know how loved the colour black is by Parisians, this was a clear tri­umph. Now with a wide ranged col­lec­tion across men, women and children’s fash­ion, you’re bound to find a thing (or three) for the whole fam­i­ly. In true down to earth style, the brand is firm­ly in touch with their eco side, offer­ing trans­paren­cy and social stan­dards across their sup­ply chain.

ADDRESS: 31 Boule­vard des Capucines (2nd arr.) / 101 Porte Berg­er (1st arr.) 38 Rue Saint-Sulpice (6th arr.)

IKKS JUNIOR — 17 Rue Tronchet (8th arr.) / 52 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine (12th arr.)

IKKS WOMEN — 43 Avenue des Ternes (17th arr.) / 25 Avenue du Général Leclerc (14th arr.) / 52 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine (12th arr.)

IKKS MEN — 6 Rue des Rosiers (4th arr.)


MOOD: Start­ing a revolution




Search­ing for that new wardrobe sta­ple? Clas­si­cal­ly cut blaz­ers with tai­lored pants to match; silk shirts to pair with any out­fit as well as unique­ly crotch­et dress­es and state­ment metal­lic pieces. San­dro offers time­less cloth­ing, for to weath­er the storm that is the chang­ing of fash­ion trends. The cer­tain je ne sais quoi that is french style is exem­pli­fied by San­dro with a chic­ness that has cool twist. Their recent col­lec­tions offer sus­tain­able mate­ri­als in the likes of recy­cled cot­ton, eco-friend­ly vis­cose and high­er tan­nery stan­dards for leather shoes and bags. 

ADDRESS: 21 Rue de la Mon­naie (1st arr.) / 101 rue Berg­er (1st arr.) / 42 Rue Éti­enne Mar­cel (2nd arr.) / 50 Rue Vieille du Tem­ple (4th arr.) / 99 Rue de Riv­o­li (1st arr.) / 26 Rue de Sévi­gné (4th arr.) / 17 Rue Souf­flot (5th arr.) 16 Rue du Vieux Colom­bier (6th arr.) / 109 Boule­vard Beau­mar­chais (3rd arr.) / 8 Rue de Baby­lone (7th arr.) / 24 Rue de Sèvres (6th arr.) / 269 Rue Saint-Hon­oré (1st arr.) / 40 Boule­vard Hauss­mann (9th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: Mod-meets-prep­py

INSTAGRAM: @sandroparis



Cre­at­ed for women by women is the true nature of the BA&SH brand. Best friends Bar­bara Boc­cara & Sharon Krief cre­at­ed their dream fash­ion col­lec­tion in 2003. What res­onates most about BA&SH is how women feel wear­ing it, the pure joy and com­fort it brings. Who said ther­a­py can’t be found through shop­ping? The ‘La Isla’ cap­sule serv­ing funky co-ords and stripey-rain­bow maxi’s are best served with a smile. 

ADDRESS: 22 Rue des Francs-Bour­geois (3rd arr.) / 1 bis Rue des Abbess­es (18th arr.) / 10 Rue du Jour (1st arr.) / 21 Rue Éti­enne Mar­cel (1st arr.) / 14 Rue du Tem­ple (4th arr.) / 80 Rue des Saints-Pères (7th arr.) / 27 Rue de Passy (16th arr.) / 30 Rue des Archives (3rd arr.) / 81 Rue St-Dominique (7th arr.) / 106 Rue Vieille du Tem­ple (3rd arr.) / 158 Rue de Cour­celles (17th arr.) / 24 Rue de Sèvres (7th arr.) / 14 Rue Souf­flot (5th arr.) / 81 Avenue Vic­tor Hugo (16th arr.) / 7–9 Rue de Charonne (11th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: Retail ther­a­py solv­ing all our problems 

INSTAGRAM: @bashparis


Zadig & Voltaire

Think Anwar Hadid, Kate Moss or Kris­ten Stew­art. All equipped with that fab­u­lous­ly cool edge, syn­ony­mous with Zadig & Voltaire. Gain­ing a rep­u­ta­tion as the shop­ping des­ti­na­tion for Parisian orig­i­nal­i­ty, artis­tic direc­tor Cecil­ia Bön­ström start­ed the brand along with hus­band Thier­ry Gilli­er. Orig­i­nal cool girl her­self, Cecil­ia sur­faced with­in the fash­ion world through mod­el­ling in the ‘90s. Zadig & Voltaire is known for its pure designs, most intrin­sic to this is the Jacquard ZV pat­tern found most­ly on their range of leather bags.

ADDRESS: 11 Rue Mont­martre (1st arr.) / 42 Rue des Francs-Bour­geois (3rd arr.) / 244 Rue de Riv­o­li (1st arr.) / 3 Avenue Vic­tor Hugo (16th arr.) / 1 Rue du Vieux Colom­bier (6th arr.) / 12–14 Rond-point des Champs-Élysées Mar­cel Das­sault (8th arr.) / 36 Rue de la Ver­rerie (4th arr.) / 64 Boule­vard Hauss­mann (9th arr.) / 18–20 Rue François Ier (8th arr.) / 22 Rue de Turenne (4th arr.) / 22 Rue du Bourg Tibourg (4th arr.) / 10 Rue de Grenelle (6th arr.) / 12 Rue Linois (15th arr.) /24 Rue de Sèvres (7th arr.) / 16 Rue de Passy (16th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: The art of not giv­ing a f*ck and mak­ing it look fabulous

INSTAGRAM: @zadigvoltaire


Loulou Studio

Loulou Stu­dio embod­ies that Scan­di­na­vian slow design through a neu­tral col­or palette and clas­sic designs. Locat­ed in the heart of Paris, des­tined for every­day chic. This care­ful cura­tion of high qual­i­ty fits was cre­at­ed by Parisian influ­encer Chloé Har­rouche. An exten­sion of her own style, designed to slot into any­ones wardrobe. We’re sold. 

ADDRESS: 22 Rue Debel­leyme (3rd arr.)

MÉTRO: St-Sébas­t­ian-Frois­sart (line 8)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: A warm embrace

INSTAGRAM: @louloustudio_paris


Rosaé Paris

From Paris with love, sus­tain­able brand Rosaé is for the cute and pret­ty wannabes. Lacy frills and flo­ral appliqué sits with the clas­sic french stripe and tweed ‘Chanel’ style jack­ets. Claire Teix­eira found­ed Rosaé Paris in the sum­mer of 2019. Adorable must-haves are cre­at­ed with eco-friend­ly fab­rics for lovers of the prep­py style. Heart eyes or what?

ADDRESS: 52 Rue de Riv­o­li (4th arr.) / 64 Boule­vard Hauss­mann (9th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: That per­fect pair of jeans: here to stay

INSTAGRAM: @rosaeparisofficial


The Frankie Shop 

Renowned for work wear and over­sized suit­ing, The Frankie Shop was cre­at­ed by Gaëlle Drevet. Parisian at heart but New Yorkian by nature, Gaëlle’s con­cept is to cre­ate with­out time lim­its through clas­sic shape and design. The vibe? Trench-coats, dou­ble den­im, boxy bombers. Quite Frankiely… they’ve got some­thing we all want.

ADDRESS: 14 Rue St-Claude (3rd arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: Like but­ter wouldn’t melt

INSTAGRAM: @thefrankieshop



IRO is an ana­gram for the French word for king ‘roi’, which explains how roy­al­ly opu­lent the pieces are. Nour­ished to suc­cess by broth­ers Lau­rent and Arik Bit­ton, inspi­ra­tion for the cloth­ing comes from the music scene, in par­tic­u­lar the ‘70s, paired with a mod­ern twist. In full any­thing-goes-style, IRO com­bine con­trast­ing cuts, win­ter with sum­mer pieces and den­im jack­ets with leather shorts. They fol­low their own rules and bring a whole pos­sy of trend-set­ters with them. Why not join the march?

ADDRESS: 53 Rue Vieille du Tem­ple (4th arr.) / 46 Rue Éti­enne Mar­cel (2nd arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: Roman­ti­cism but make it cool

INSTAGRAM: @iroparis


Petite Mendigote

Petite Mendig­ote cap­tures the ulti­mate essence of bohemi­an style, all wrapped up into beau­ti­ful dress­es, swimwear and del­i­cate blous­es. Sybille Roger Vas­selin found­ed the brand to cre­ate hyper fem­i­nine designs for busy French girls. The Petite Mendig­ote girl enjoys mix­ing colours, rock­ing flo­rals and inject­ing a lit­tle bit of soleil wher­ev­er she goes. 

ADDRESS: 23 Rue du Drag­on (6th arr.) / 19 Rue Beau­re­paire (10th arr.) / 1 Rue des Abbess­es (18th arr.)


MOOD: Endless sum­mer

INSTAGRAM: @petitemendigote


Claudie Pierlot

Native Parisian her­self, Claudie invent­ed a brand for the hus­tle and bus­tle of city life. Pieces are designed to be worn all through­out the day and way into the night. The Pier­lot style is dynam­ic and quirky, with ultra mod­ern cuts and func­tion­al fits alike. Two words: it girl. 

ADDRESS: 49 Rue Éti­enne Mar­cel (1st arr.) / 30 Rue des Francs-Bour­geois (3rd arr.) / 2 Rue Scribe (9th arr.) / 4 Rue des Abbess­es (18th arr.) / 95 Rue St-Dominique (7th arr.) / 142 Rue de Cour­celles (17th arr.) / 176 Boule­vard Saint-Ger­main (6th arr.) / 22 Rue St-Antoine (4th arr.) / 60 Avenue des Ternes (17th arr.) / 1 Rue des Archives (4th arr.) / 38 Avenue Vic­tor Hugo (16th arr.) / 24 Rue Souf­flot (5th arr.) / 23 Rue du Vieux Colom­bier (6th arr.) / 16 Avenue du Général Leclerc (14th arr.) / 24 Rue de Passy (16th arr.) / 129 Rue de la Pompe (16th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: Office job at 9 and cock­tails at 5

INSTAGRAM: @claudiepier­lot



Rus­ti­cal­ly chic, Soeur brings class to old time clas­sics with a vin­tage feel. Cul­ture, trav­el and reli­gion influ­ence this brand, fil­tered through long linen dress­es, asym­met­ri­cal skirts and jun­gle prints in Egypt­ian blacks and golds. Earthy, yet fem­i­nine and 100% wear­able, Soeur draws inspi­ra­tion from any­thing includ­ing sea shells or green plums. When pur­chas­ing, you’re also buy­ing artis­tic ideas, city guide advice and an over­all plat­form of won­der­ful­ly cre­ative happenings. 

ADDRESS: 88 Rue Bona­parte (6th arr.) / 11 Rue de Sévi­gné (4th arr.) / 61 Rue des Saints-Pères (6th arr.) / 41 Rue de Bour­gogne (7th arr.) / 16 Rue de Mar­seille (10th arr.) / 75 Rue Legendre (17th arr.) / 160 Rue de Cour­celles (17th arr.) / 5 Rue Guichard (16th arr.) / 5 Rue Pierre Guérin (16th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: An artists favorite brand

INSTAGRAM: @soeur_paris


Maison Labiche

Qual­i­ty is at the root of Mai­son Labiche, who take the great­est care in pick­ing high­est grade fab­rics and designs. The label was found­ed by design­er Jen­ny Richard and styl­ist Marie Welte in 2011 and is based around embroi­dered t‑shirts. Each item is cre­at­ed by hand­made stitch­ing with per­son­alised words for cus­tomers, and so includes a whole lot of added love and care. With head­quar­ters in Por­tu­gal and then per­son­alised in Paris, 95% of total prod­ucts are pro­duced in Europe. We’ve called it: sus­tain­able is the new sexy. Go buy Labiche, capeesh?

ADDRESS: 105 Rue Vieille du Tem­ple (3rd arr.) / 18 Rue du Vieux Colom­bier (6th arr.) / 71 Place du Doc­teur Félix Loblig­eois (17th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: The epit­o­me of sim­ple yet effective

INSTAGRAM: @maisonlabiche



Noth­ing says girly sum­mer dress­es quite like Rou­je, with their time­less pol­ka dot and flo­ral prints. An open invi­ta­tion to gar­den par­ties all year round, Rou­je embraces that fem­i­nine feel good fac­tor and cham­pi­ons every kind of woman. Jeanne Damas, known for her strik­ing allure, cre­at­ed the brand in 2016. The vision is a more shab­by-chic one, it’s about liv­ing life to the full and wear­ing cloth­ing that com­pli­ments that. 

« Life in Rou­je means apply­ing lip­stick with your fin­gers, hitch­ing up your skirt to bronze your legs in the sun­shine or wear­ing a dress to cycle in, » Damas says. An envi­ron­men­tal­ist her­self, she aims to used up-cycled and sus­tain­able mate­ri­als, cre­at­ing a vin­tage yet mod­ern col­lec­tion with a whole lot of fun.

ADDRESS: 11 bis Rue Bachau­mont (2nd arr.) / 16 Rue de Turenne (4th arr.)


MOOD: Girls just wan­na have fun




Ate­lier de Pro­duc­tion et de Créa­tion (APC) con­sid­ers authen­tic­i­ty and crafts­man­ship as vital in its prin­ci­ples. An old­er bou­tique found­ed in 1987, the brand focus­es on den­im as well as high qual­i­ty every­day basics. Forms in their rawest nature is what APC do best, also exem­pli­fied through their range of clas­sic smooth leather handbags.

ADDRESS: 35–38, Rue Madame (6th arr.) / 112 Rue Vieille du Tem­ple (3rd arr.) / 3 Boule­vard des Filles du Cal­vaire (3rd arr.) / 5 Rue de Mar­seille (10th arr.) / 20 Rue André del Sarte (18th arr.) / 23 Rue Royale (8th arr.)


MOOD: Casu­al but oh so cool

INSTAGRAM: @apc_paris


Vanessa Bruno

The store design in Vanes­sa Bruno will trans­port you to Can­cún with giant straw lamp­shades and cac­ti against a warm back­drop that feels like sun­shine. The cloth­ing stands out with pops of col­or in an every­day ele­gance. Vanessa’s vision became a mighty suc­cess after the launch of her sequined Cabas Tote that is now the brands icon­ic trade­mark. Maxi skirts with cot­ton embroi­dery can be found amongst vibrant print­ed blous­es and a large choice of straw knit­ted bags for every sum­mer activ­i­ties. Care­ful­ly craft­ed mate­ri­als make you feel com­fort­able while stand­ing out from the crowd. It’s a win-win.

ADDRESS: 25 rue Saint Sulpice (6th arr.) / 100, rue Vieille du Tem­ple (3rd arr.) / 51 Avenue Vic­tor Hugo (16th arr.) / 28 Rue de Passy (16th arr.)

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: The ren­dez-vous of the summer

INSTAGRAM: @vanessabruno


Saint James

Nau­ti­cal designs take over the Saint James style, with blue and white stripes on sweaters, tees and tow­els. Rich with her­itage, Saint James has been cre­at­ing qual­i­ty cloth­ing since 1889. Stay­ing local is impor­tant to the brand, evolv­ing orig­i­nal­ly to keep fish­er­man warm while at sea with the first gar­ment called the ‘Bre­ton fish­er­man sweater’. We all know the blocky stripe is clas­si­cal­ly French, and Saint James played a large role in mak­ing the pat­tern an icon­ic fash­ion state­ment. For long-last­ing, com­fy every­day sta­ples, Saint James is your boutique.

ADDRESS: 5 Rue Tronchet (8th arr.) / 66 Rue de Rennes (6th arr.) / 7 Rue Guichard (16th arr.) / 116 Rue Vieille-du-Tem­ple (3rd arr.) / 17 Bd de Vau­gi­rard (15th arr.) / 120 Rue Ram­buteau (1st arr.) / 70 Place du Dr Félix Loblig­eois (17th arr.)


MOOD: Feel­ing shellfish

INSTAGRAM: @saintjames


Musier Paris

Who­ev­er or what­ev­er your muse, Musi­er Paris has out­fit inspi­ra­tion for all events. Quick super­mar­ket trip? A day at the beach? Date night? The options are end­less with cute styles that are uni­ver­sal. Found­ed by Anne-Lau­re Mais, style icon in her own right, she has always had a pas­sion for vin­tage, relaxed fits. Draw­ing influ­ence from her child­hood surf­ing in the South-West of France, Anne-Lau­re cre­ates effort­less pieces that are designed to be worn again and again. Check out her items in Les Grands Mag­a­sins as well as The Frankie shop – details below. 

ADDRESS: Print­emps Hauss­mann 69 Boule­vard Hauss­mann (9th arr.) / Le Bon marché 24 Rue de sèvres (7th arr.) / The Frankie Shop 14, Rue Saint-Claude (3rd arr.)


MOOD: Time­less

INSTAGRAM: @musierparis


Éric Bompard

Search­ing for only the soft­est, most com­fort­able cloth­ing? Look no fur­ther than Eric Bom­pard, who have been deliv­er­ing excep­tion­al cash­mere since 1985. Knitwear will nev­er get old, and it’s also a great all-year-round item. Uni­sex and fam­i­ly-friend­ly, there’s some­thing for every­one with pullovers, dress­es, jack­ets and scarves. Avail­able in an array of colours for all sea­sons, Eric Bom­pard have also recent­ly released a beach­wear col­lec­tion for fem­i­nine sil­hou­ettes with cro­chet biki­nis and knot­ted wrap overs. With con­sis­tent sales, you’re get­ting a lot more bang for your buck with this brand. 

ADDRESS: 31 Rue du Bac (7th arr.) / 1 Rue Scribe (9th arr.)


MOOD: Soft like warm butter

INSTAGRAM: @ericbompard


Balzac Paris

While most­ly an online brand, Balzac Paris has recent­ly opened their first bou­tique and it’s a must see. A Parisians favourite, rue d’Hauteville is now home to the sleek store with inte­ri­ors of leop­ard print galore and abstract art­work. Cloth­ing syn­ony­mous with that relaxed glam­our appeal, it’s easy to see why Balzac has grown a loy­al online fol­low­ing. The respon­si­ble and eth­i­cal brand looks to clas­si­cal­ly younger styles like dun­ga­rees and frills to add some fun back into your wardrobe. Think cute pat­terns, heaps of colour and ging­ham bags. 

ADDRESS: 82 rue d’Hauteville (10th arr.)


MOOD: Play­ground dapper

INSTAGRAM: @balzacparis


Tara Jarmon

‘French chic with a twist’, Tara Jar­mon cel­e­brates col­or and details in design. Equipped with a high­ly aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleas­ing Insta­gram feed, the bold looks of Tara Jar­mon are known for beau­ti­ful cuts, prints and care­ful crafts­man­ship. The Tara girl is always fear­less­ly chic, has a feel-good atti­tude and lives in the moment. Flood­ed with bright light and art-deco, the Tara Jar­mon birth­place lies in the Saint-Martin’s area near the Canal. The five floors con­tain a jew­ellery work­shop, design­er stu­dio, com­mer­cial and com­mu­ni­ca­tion depart­ments. You can’t get more Parisian than that. 

ADDRESS: 82 rue d’Hauteville (10th arr.) / 98 Rue Vieille du Tem­ple (3rd arr.) / 18 Rue du Four (6th arr.) / 93 Rue de Cour­celles (17th arr.) / 51 Rue de Passy (16th arr.) / 40 Boule­vard Hauss­mann (9th arr.)


MOOD: Sunny days bring­ing smiles

INSTAGRAM: @tara­jar­mon


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