Buttes Chaumont

Hipsters and families galore run wild here, so you’ll either feel right at home or want to get the hell out. This area isn’t usually on maps of tourists, so if you want to feel like a true Parisian, head here. If you’ve watched Lupin, don’t miss the Temple de la Sibylle where you can gaze upon the mere mortals as you conduct your secret “rendez-vous”.

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Boulan­gerie Milligramme


Le Pavil­lon du Lac

Le Napoléon III


Le Pavil­lon Puebla

Rosa Bon­heur Buttes Chaumont

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Marché Place des Fêtes

Place des Fêtes
Open: Tue, Fri — 7a to 1:30p; Sun — 7a to 2:30p

Marché Porte Brunet

Avenue de la Porte Brunet
Open: Wed — 7a to 1:30p; Sat — 7a to 2:30p