Oberkampf / Folie-Méricourt

This is the most punk-rock part of the 11th district [albiet superficially, like a safe version of punk where no one is even punching Nazis, just agreeing with each other that we WOULD rock them if such opportunities presented themselves]. 

Shamelessly trendslutty versions of all forms of commerce from night clubs to wine bars and corner bistros, to small local restaurants and dives can be explored in perhaps our most hipster [is that still a word?] hood. Locals, tourists, students [and, sigh, our exes…] flock here for a night out, a bomb AF dinner, or some trendslutty shopping. 

For resting in the sun the day after all that partying, nothing beats pretty Square Gardette and the cute streets surrounding one of Paris’ most loved, local pocket-parks.

coffee + tea spots

la lune verte

caféi­no­man by cafés Pfaff

steel cyclewear & coffeeshop

bakeries + sweets

boulan­gerie utopie

the french bastards

boulan­gerie chambelland

boulan­gerie polka


pierre sang on gambey

le per­choir ménilmontant


gos­si­ma ping pong bar

aux deux amis

au nou­veau nez

chez bouboule

museums + culture

l’ate­lier des lumières


gen­er­al store


cabarets + live music

l’al­i­men­ta­tion générale

la poudrière

nou­veau casino

food markets

marché popin­court

Boule­vard Richard-Lenoir
Open: Tue, Fri — 7a to 2:30p