Canal St. Martin

What is the middle age of hipsterdom? Come to the Canal and see it up close. Le Canal St. Martin is cool for what it is — a refuge of sorts…as Paris gets even more gottdamn TV shows, it becomes even MORE touristy, and the Canal is our little hiding place — alas, every year sees more beige-assed corporate encroachment. BUT! All is not lost: It has great restaurants, like the used-to-be underrated Le Verre Volé. And Gros Bao. And Ima Cantine. And La Marine… You get it.

Coffee shops

Ima Can­tine


Bon­jour Jacob

Bakeries + Sweets

Yann Cou­vreur Pâtisserie

Sain Boulan­gerie

Du Pain et des Idées


Le Verre Volé

Bouil­lon Chartier

Le Petit Cambodge


Le Gour­bi Palace

Le Car­il­lon

Le Top at Point Éphémère

Le Comp­toir Général


Le Cit­i­zen


Made­moi­selle Claverie

Food Markets

Marché Alib­ert

Rue Alib­ert
Open: Sun — 7a to 2:30p