We know you’re coming to Paris to experience the magical City of Light and live out the quaint French fantasy brainwashed into you by movies like Amélie (spoiler alert: it’s all a lie). So if you want a break from the illusion, head towards Chinatown, considered to be the largest Chinatown in Europe (ha! In your face, London). It’s a bit grungy (in the best way possible), a little bit chaotic, and most of all—perfect. The area is ugly AF, but that’s because the high-rise buildings were the cheapest thing refugees from Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos could afford. Don’t let this deter you because it’s the best place to satiate that phở itch. Or bubble tea itch. Or K‑pop itch. Basically, whichever itch you have that needs to be scratched.

Coffee shops

Bub­ble House

Bakeries + Sweets

Mol­lé Pâtisserie

Pablo Cheese Tart


Crazy Noo­dles

Au Bour­geon d’Or

Phở Bánh Cuốn 14


L’Age d’Or


Galerie Oslo

Tang Frères


TOO Hôtel