Père Lachaise / Gambetta

The old cobblestone pathways of the Père Lachaise cemetery will lead you back in time as you get lost strolling among old trees, vampiresque mausoleums, and wildlife sightings (some human wildlife, but mostly we’re talking crows, feral cats and foxes here). Spend an afternoon exploring the famous and not-so-famous souls that inhabit this iconic place. East of Père Lachaise cemetery, Avenue du Père Lachaise and the side streets surrounding Place Gambetta are worth checking out.

bakeries + sweets



La Con­fi­dente

YO’ Mac & Cheese



museums + culture

Cimetière du Père Lachaise

16 Rue du Repos (alter­nate entrance on Avenue du Père Lachaise)


Les Gen­tle­men du Jeu

food markets

Marché Père-Lachaise

Boule­vard de Ménil­montant
Open: Tue, Fri — 7a to 2:30p