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I write to seduce + con­trol. PARIS DEFINED is no excep­tion. This is the note­book where me and my isle of fel­low mis­fit toys sketch out the days and nights of our Paris lives. Where we pre­scribe our Holy Com­mand­ments for Paris-ing. 

It’s expen­sive as all hell to this. It takes up most of my week. 

Oui, this is a bid for your atten­tion and approval. We also made it easy to show us you love it, or you hate it, or you are dis­turbed or some­thing here on patre­on. So go ahead and spank us square on the cap­i­tal­ism. Pour quoi pas? 

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ON-Y-VA»» (now for some pret­ty words)

Wel­come to Paris, actually 



mov­ing moments along­side the riv­er > those paint­ings > those build­ings >  those peo­ple you thought you knew

When you got a lock on Paris, you are already chas­ing the con­trails of things past > mac­arons and the eif­fel tow­er are the tips of our fingernails…

We will let you in on the secret—It’s even bet­ter then you can imag­ine, more deli­cious, weirder…let us show you all the things that make the whole wide world love Paris, but let’s also see the sides that made us local lit­tle mani­acs dare to dream that we could make it here, in a city where a kilo of poulet costs about your hourly salary and land­lords prac­ti­cal­ly want to see your par­ents naked before you can drop your tooth­brush in their moul­der­ing Airbnb rejects. 

paris is defined as: rage against wrongs, and utter lack of hes­i­tan­cy to set shit on fire over it

paris is defined as: tra­di­tion as foun­da­tion > then a spring­board > then a dri­ver < nev­er a sarcophagus

 <at least for those who make it to these pages>

There are two sides to Paris, one: oppres­sive­ly touris­tic and expen­sive and then: the oth­er side—the side you can­not buy because it’s not for sale—the side that can only be earned. Paris always gives you more than she takes but first you have to get an adresse here. (Also expen­sive though.)

Some­thing fur­ther afield from what’s sold to you by sup­posed ‘local’ blogs run by mar­ket­ing agen­cies and Chat­G­PT (not nam­ing names but WE KNOW LOL « As a French woman… ». We live here year-round and actu­al­ly live our Fran­prix, metro line 11, and French Tin­der lives here…And we don’t skip dessert.

We, the parisians, declare a deesca­la­tion in the aspi­ra­tional war > against san­i­ty. We, the parisians, here­by ~unfuck~ the sac­cha­rine image of our city. 

We the parisians > here­by invite you to see things you thought you knew, with us, the reck­less rid­ers of PARIS D E F I N E D MAGAZINE – the final boss of Paris Lifestyle Rules, and Regulations. 

Bien­v­enue à Paris.

Kat Walk­er


and the PARIS » D E F I N E D MAGAZINE team:

Caro Duprat

Flavia Schep­mans

Natask­ia Van Dam

Emil­ia Andrejczuk

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