The Best Cheese Shops in Paris

In Paris, as is the case with bakeries (boulangeries), not all cheese shops (or fromageries, if you want to blend in a little more), are created equal. You kinda have to know where to go to get the best of the best. Use our tried-and-true list below and be disappointed no more. Even if you don’t like cheese. Because let’s face it: Giving the gift of cheese to loved ones back home is what classy folks do.


One cus­tomer left a review describ­ing this Fro­magerie as « like a con­tained work of art. » It’s rel­a­tive­ly small, which def­i­nite­ly helps if you love that cheese odor. From per­fect raclette cheeses to soft brie, this shop will also help you pair it with a French wine. They also offer a vari­ety of ready-made cheese boards with curat­ed vari­eties (so you don’t have to stress over it.) 

ADDRESS: 6 Rue de la Folie Méri­court, 75011

MÉTRO: Saint-Ambroise (line 9)


NUMBER: 01 58 30 96 32

INSTAGRAM: @charlicot_fromagerie

Laurent Dubois

Known as one of the best cheese mon­gers out there, there is no way you won’t like at least one of the cheeses present here (but let’s be real, you’ll like them all). Don’t wor­ry if you already have pref­er­ences, tell them what you don’t like and the work­ers will be sure to not include them in their gen­er­ous sam­ples. Each shop is also equipped with their own cave dáf­fi­nage (cheese cel­lar) just so you know exact­ly where that cheese is maturing

ADDRESS: 47 Ter Bd Saint-Ger­main, 75005 / 2 Rue de Lourmel, 75015 / 97–99 Rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 / 58 Rue d’Au­teuil, 75016

HOURS: Closed on Monday

NUMBER: 01 43 54 50 93

INSTAGRAM: @laurentdubois_fromager_paris

Thomas Artisan Cheese

This fro­magerie just has that arti­san vibe. It’s not just a vibe though, it’s the real thing. Of course, they offer all the clas­sics. But there is no shame in spend­ing those extra bit of euros if you want to try their sig­na­ture truf­fle brie. It is going to make you brie-live in magic…(sorry not sorry). 

ADDRESS: 66 Rue du Com­merce, 75015

MÉTRO: Com­merce (line 8)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Beau­grenelle

NUMBER: 01 45 31 26 57

INSTAGRAM: @thomas_artisan

François Priet Fromager

It is so easy to feel over­whelmed with not only the amount of cheese that there is (not com­plain­ing here, just point­ing some­thing out) but also with how many prod­ucts you can pair it with. In France only, you’ve got your cheeses, your wines, your bread. The list goes on. François Pri­et has that all cov­ered. Just show up, and they’ll hand you the wine that goes with that cheese and that hon­ey with that bread…they have it all.

ADDRESS: 113 Rue de la Roquette, 75011

MÉTRO: Voltaire (Léon Blum) (line 9)

HOURS: Closed on Monday

NEIGHBORHOOD: Bastille / Arse­nal / Roquette

NUMBER: 01 43 79 31 41

INSTAGRAM: @francoisprietfromagerparis

Fromagerie Jouannault

Locat­ed at the heart of the Marais, this shop is a great stop in between your thrift shop­ping spree. Whilst they don’t allow sam­ples on cer­tain cheeses, you’ll be march­ing back to the shop to buy larg­er quan­ti­ties time and time again. The facade is yel­low (it’s very sat­is­fy­ing see­ing it from the out­side with all the yel­low cheese inside - just trust) and inside, it’s very small which is per­fect to take in all the cheese at once

ADDRESS: 39 Rue de Bre­tagne, 75003

MÉTRO: Tem­ple (line 3)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: 01 42 78 52 61

INSTAGRAM: @fromageriejouannault

Fromagerie du Marché des Enfants Rouges

Com­mit­ting is always a sore sub­ject. So you may not want to com­mit half a day march­ing up and down Paris just for cheese. How about you march to one spe­cif­ic loca­tion in Paris and it’s not just for cheese? One step at a time. In this lit­tle mar­ket, not only will you find a cheese stand (with some very authen­tic cheeses) but stands with all sorts of French prod­ucts. You can have lunch there as well, in case the cheese makes you hungry (?)

ADDRESS: Inside of the mar­ket on 39 Rue de Bre­tagne, 75003

MÉTRO: Filles du Cal­vaire (line 8)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: 06 26 72 90 72

Fromagerie Hardouin-Langlet

High qual­i­ty cheese stand in a mar­ket where one of the stands also sell oys­ters (in case you’re in the mood to snack on some del­i­ca­cies). Some of their prod­ucts, you can’t find any­where else and some (like the obvi­ous wine bot­tles) just remind you of how cher­ished cheese is in Paris. The best part is that you’re only steps away from oth­er arti­san stands in the mar­ket, which offer a vari­ety of French snacks to real­ly com­plete l’expérience. 

ADDRESS: 6 Place d’Aligre, 75012

MÉTRO: Ledru-Rollin (line 8)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: 01 43 45 35 09

INSTAGRAM: @hardouin_langlet

Laurent Bouvet

This cheese­mak­er (active since 1987), is found in the Saint-Mar­tin cov­ered food mar­ket. They offer a range of goats, cows and sheep cheese. They will also make you a cus­tom cheese board with all of your favorite fro­mage AND they can deliv­er it to you if you’re just hav­ing a lazy type of day. All you need is a bot­tle of red wine for that per­fect date night. 

ADDRESS: 31 et 33 Rue du château d’eau, 75010

MÉTRO: Jacques-Bon­ser­gent (line 5)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: +33 01 40 40 73 25

La Fermette

From Camem­bert to Bur­ra­ta, this cheese shop does­n’t only have a vari­ety of cheese options, but they also sell sala­mi, but­ter and jam (you know…the kind of jam that you need to pair with a cheese to real­ly feel like you’re doing it right). They have ready-made cheese and char­cu­terie boards for you to take the cred­it for. Oh, and they also have a click and col­lect option in case you real­ly made your girl­friend mad and don’t have time to fight about it in a cheese shop…just show up with that cheese board, my friend.

ADDRESS: 86 Rue Mon­torgueil, 75002 

MÉTRO: Sen­tier (line 3)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Mon­torgueil

NUMBER: 01 42 36 70 96

Saisons Fromagerie

If you’re lucky, you’ll hear one of the own­ers of the shop play the cel­lo as you’re doing a cheese and wine tast­ing. This bud­get-friend­ly fro­magerie has it all: knowl­edgable own­ers, cheese (um…duh), wine, and that Paris ambiance that we all just can’t get enough of. If you’ve already bought your wine, don’t fret: Show the own­ers what you bought and they’ll pair it with one of their deli­cious cheeses. Tip: if you’re hav­ing raclette night any­time soon, they sell about six types of raclette cheese…you can’t go wrong.

ADDRESS: 30 Rue du Gre­nier-Saint-Lazare, 75003

MÉTRO: Ram­buteau (line 11)

HOURS: Mon­day and Tues­day closed


NUMBER: 01 81 29 47 52

INSTAGRAM: @saisons_fromagerie

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