The Best Cheese Shops in Paris

In Paris, as is the case with bakeries (boulangeries), not all cheese shops (or fromageries, if you want to blend in a little more), are created equal. You kinda have to know where to go to get the best of the best. Use our tried-and-true list below and be disappointed no more. Even if you don’t like cheese. Because let’s face it: Giving the gift of cheese to loved ones back home is what classy folks do. When it comes to cheese, in Italy, England and Switzerland they have the equivalent of art galleries, while here in France we have THE LOUVRE. So don’t be shy…


One cus­tomer left a review describ­ing this Fro­magerie as « like a con­tained work of art. » It’s rel­a­tive­ly small, which def­i­nite­ly helps if you love that cheese odor. From per­fect raclette cheeses to soft brie, this shop will also help you pair it with a French wine. They also offer a vari­ety of ready-made cheese boards with curat­ed vari­eties (so you don’t have to stress over it.) 

ADDRESS: 6 Rue de la Folie Méri­court (11th arr.)

MÉTRO: Saint-Ambroise (line 9)


NUMBER: 01 58 30 96 32

INSTAGRAM: @charlicot_fromagerie

Terroirs d’Avenir

This is not your aver­age cheese shop. Non, non, non, this is, dear trav­eller, a crémerie; which, beyond sound­ing way fanci­er (and bor­der­line scary if you don’t speak the lan­guage and just hear the word out of con­text) means that beyond the cheese you can buy there var­i­ous dairy prod­ucts, like fresh milk or cream (full fat of course. None of that diet cul­ture skimmed false hap­pi­ness stuff).

Ter­roirs d’Avenir (Lands of the Future) start­ed as an ambi­tious project to bring togeth­er small French agri­cul­tur­ists and the best Parisian restau­rants. That dream not only came true, but turned into a mini-empire of high-qual­i­ty prod­ucts. They occu­py few con­cen­trat­ed spots around the city, mak­ing their sig­na­ture shops a small con­sulates for organ­ic food.

 Do your­self a favor and explore their oth­er shops — you’re gonna need a baguette to this cheese after all. Their crois­sants are just to die for as well.

ADDRESS: 3 rue du Nil (2nd arr.) / 17 boule­vard Mor­land (4th arr.) 

HOURS: closed Mondays

NEIGHBORHOOD: Faid­herbe / Charonne / Aligre

NUMBER: +33 1 84 79 88 19

DEETS: organ­ic, best cheese shops in Paris, insti­tu­tion, bobo

INSTAGRAM: @terroirsdavenir


Laurent Dubois

Known as one of the best cheese mon­gers out there, there is no way you won’t like at least one of the cheeses present here (but let’s be real, you’ll like them all). Don’t wor­ry if you already have pref­er­ences, tell them what you don’t like and the work­ers will be sure to not include them in their gen­er­ous sam­ples. Each shop is also equipped with their own cave dáf­fi­nage (cheese cel­lar) just so you know exact­ly where that cheese is maturing

ADDRESS: 47 Ter Bd Saint-Ger­main (5th arr.) / 2 Rue de Lourmel (15th arr.) / 97–99 Rue Saint-Antoine, (4th arr.) / 58 Rue d’Au­teuil (16th arr.)

HOURS: Closed on Monday

NUMBER: 01 43 54 50 93

INSTAGRAM: @laurentdubois_fromager_paris

Thomas Artisan Cheese

This fro­magerie just has that arti­san vibe. It’s not just a vibe though, it’s the real thing. Of course, they offer all the clas­sics. But there is no shame in spend­ing those extra bit of euros if you want to try their sig­na­ture truf­fle brie. It is going to make you brie-live in magic…(sorry not sorry). 

ADDRESS: 66 Rue du Com­merce, 75015

MÉTRO: Com­merce (line 8)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Beau­grenelle

NUMBER: 01 45 31 26 57

INSTAGRAM: @thomas_artisan

François Priet Fromager

It is so easy to feel over­whelmed with not only the amount of cheese that there is (not com­plain­ing here, just point­ing some­thing out) but also with how many prod­ucts you can pair it with. In France only, you’ve got your cheeses, your wines, your bread. The list goes on. François Pri­et has that all cov­ered. Just show up, and they’ll hand you the wine that goes with that cheese and that hon­ey with that bread…they have it all.

ADDRESS: 113 Rue de la Roquette, 75011

MÉTRO: Voltaire (Léon Blum) (line 9)

HOURS: Closed on Monday

NEIGHBORHOOD: Bastille / Arse­nal / Roquette

NUMBER: 01 43 79 31 41

INSTAGRAM: @francoisprietfromagerparis

Fromagerie Jouannault

Locat­ed at the heart of the Marais, this shop is a great stop in between your thrift shop­ping spree. Whilst they don’t allow sam­ples on cer­tain cheeses, you’ll be march­ing back to the shop to buy larg­er quan­ti­ties time and time again. The facade is yel­low (it’s very sat­is­fy­ing see­ing it from the out­side with all the yel­low cheese inside - just trust) and inside, it’s very small which is per­fect to take in all the cheese at once

ADDRESS: 39 Rue de Bre­tagne, 75003

MÉTRO: Tem­ple (line 3)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: 01 42 78 52 61

INSTAGRAM: @fromageriejouannault

Fromagerie du Marché des Enfants Rouges — La Ferme de Ines

Com­mit­ting is always a sore sub­ject. So you may not want to com­mit half a day march­ing up and down Paris just for cheese. How about you march to one spe­cif­ic loca­tion in Paris and it’s not just for cheese? One step at a time. In this lit­tle mar­ket, not only will you find a cheese stand (with some very authen­tic cheeses) but stands with all sorts of French prod­ucts. You can have lunch there as well, in case the cheese makes you hungry (?)

ADDRESS: Inside of the mar­ket on 39 Rue de Bre­tagne, 75003

MÉTRO: Filles du Cal­vaire (line 8)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: 06 26 72 90 72

Fromagerie Hardouin-Langlet

High qual­i­ty cheese stand in a mar­ket where one of the stands also sell oys­ters (in case you’re in the mood to snack on some del­i­ca­cies). Some of their prod­ucts, you can’t find any­where else and some (like the obvi­ous wine bot­tles) just remind you of how cher­ished cheese is in Paris. The best part is that you’re only steps away from oth­er arti­san stands in the mar­ket, which offer a vari­ety of French snacks to real­ly com­plete l’expérience. 

ADDRESS: 6 Place d’Aligre, 75012

MÉTRO: Ledru-Rollin (line 8)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: 01 43 45 35 09

INSTAGRAM: @hardouin_langlet

Laurent Bouvet

This cheese­mak­er (active since 1987), is found in the Saint-Mar­tin cov­ered food mar­ket. They offer a range of goats, cows and sheep cheese. They will also make you a cus­tom cheese board with all of your favorite fro­mage AND they can deliv­er it to you if you’re just hav­ing a lazy type of day. All you need is a bot­tle of red wine for that per­fect date night. 

ADDRESS: 31 et 33 Rue du château d’eau, 75010

MÉTRO: Jacques-Bon­ser­gent (line 5)

HOURS: Closed on Monday


NUMBER: +33 01 40 40 73 25

La Fermette

From Camem­bert to Bur­ra­ta, this cheese shop does­n’t only have a vari­ety of cheese options, but they also sell sala­mi, but­ter and jam (you know…the kind of jam that you need to pair with a cheese to real­ly feel like you’re doing it right). They have ready-made cheese and char­cu­terie boards for you to take the cred­it for. Oh, and they also have a click and col­lect option in case you real­ly made your girl­friend mad and don’t have time to fight about it in a cheese shop…just show up with that cheese board, my friend.

ADDRESS: 86 Rue Mon­torgueil, 75002 

MÉTRO: Sen­tier (line 3)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Mon­torgueil

NUMBER: 01 42 36 70 96

Saisons Fromagerie

If you’re lucky, you’ll hear one of the own­ers of the shop play the cel­lo as you’re doing a cheese and wine tast­ing. This bud­get-friend­ly fro­magerie has it all: knowl­edgable own­ers, cheese (um…duh), wine, and that Paris ambiance that we all just can’t get enough of. If you’ve already bought your wine, don’t fret: Show the own­ers what you bought and they’ll pair it with one of their deli­cious cheeses. Tip: if you’re hav­ing raclette night any­time soon, they sell about six types of raclette cheese…you can’t go wrong.

ADDRESS: 30 Rue du Gre­nier-Saint-Lazare, 75003

MÉTRO: Ram­buteau (line 11)

HOURS: closed Mon­day  + tuesday


NUMBER: 01 81 29 47 52

INSTAGRAM: @saisons_fromagerie

Fromagerie Quatrehomme

This 3rd gen­er­a­tion fam­i­ly cheese­mon­ger [award­ed the pres­ti­gious MOF des­ig­na­tion on 2002] is known for staff eager to give advice for the cheesi­est expe­ri­ence pos­si­ble. They offer cheeses bedecked in fresh herbs to take your pic­nic spread to the next level.

ADDRESS: 62 rue de Sèvres 

MÉTRO: Duroc(lines 10 +13)

HOURS: Mon­day and Tues­day closed

NEIGHBORHOOD: Sèvres-Baby­lone, Place d’I­tal­ie, Pigalle, Charonne

NUMBER: 0147343345

INSTAGRAM: @fro­mageriequa­tre­homme

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