Opéra Garnier / Grand Boulevards

Straddling the second and the ninth districts, humming and thrumming day and night, and packed with Paris’ biggest collection of basic-ass, highly avoidable, mainstream pubs, and just-keep-walking restaurants, (the clubs and theatres are cool though, so don’t lump them in with the boring chain pubs that line the traffic-choked ‘boulevard’– depending on who is spinning, the Rex Club can be LIT…) Well, the Grands Boulevards zone is anything but subtle.

Fauxhemians prefer the Marais, but the nightlife energy here is definitely palpable. Have you ever wanted to take a transcontinental flight just to visit the Hard Rock Café? Here’s your chance. There are places worthy of your time but you’ll have to evade the schlock and the crowds. Drill down a little deeper on smaller side streets and spend time among locals instead of other tourists at the cavernous brand-name megapubs



Canard & Champagne 

Kamakiri Haka­ta Udon


Har­ry’s New York Bar