Croissants + Bread + Pastry

Maison Fleuret

It’s not just a cook­ing class (or bak­ing, what­ev­er) but it’s also a his­to­ry class. Learn about where the crois­sant orig­i­nates (p.s. it’s not from France) and of course, learn how to bake them to per­fec­tion. With about 2 and half hours on the clock and a max­i­mum group of ten peo­ple, this class is per­fect to feel like you’re just bak­ing at home. Not only can you try your hand at mak­ing flaky crois­sants, but go one step fur­ther and make some pain au choco­lat as well. The best part [at least if you ask me] is obvi­ous­ly being able to snack your way through the workshop. 

WORKSHOPS: var­i­ous pas­tries, Paris-brest, Napoleon Class


DEETS: Macrons + crois­sants, French cui­sine, Cook­ing class, Pastries

A Taste of Paris 

Done at either Miss Manon or Chez Manon bak­ery, this work­shop includes a tast­ing at the start just so you real­ly know what you’re get­ting your­self into. Start off by try­ing out some fresh bread and then work with pro­fes­sion­al pas­try bak­ers to not only make your own crois­sants but bread as well. 

After­wards you get to leave with your own baguette cre­ations [not before devour­ing some nice pain au choco­lat, of course]

WORKSHOPS: bak­ing bread + croissants


DEETS: Clas­sic French, French cui­sine, Cook­ing class, Pas­tries, Bread making

Un Croissant a Paris 

The best part of doing work­shops is that you have a trained baker/pastry mak­er there with you to actu­al­ly tell you what to do. What’s bet­ter with this work­shop is that this pas­try chef is diplo­maed. How­ev­er, this does­n’t stop you from becom­ing the chef dur­ing the class! It is locat­ed in a tra­di­tion­al hauss­mann­ian Parisian apart­ment which makes the expe­ri­ence ever so more inti­mate. Not only will you learn the best tips and tricks to mak­ing fluffy crois­sants, but they also give you insid­er infor­ma­tion on Paris as a whole

WORKSHOPS: crois­sants


DEETS: Clas­sic French, French cui­sine, Cook­ing class, Pas­tries, Homebaking 

Le Foodist

Make some of the most but­tery crois­sants in this class. They look to use the best and finest ingre­di­ents on the mar­ket [you are in Paris after all]. You’ll be taught the pre­cise tech­niques to make sure that the leav­ened pas­try dough ends up with a per­fect lam­i­na­tion. These are all skills which they will then tell you that you can reap­ply them in your next French bak­ery cre­ations. You will become a mas­ter pas­try chef in no time…

WORKSHOPS: var­i­ous bak­ery class­es, pas­tries, cook­ing classes

PRICE: €€-€€€

DEETS: Clas­sic French, Deca­dent, Cook­ing class, Pas­tries, Techniques 

Meeting the French 

Join a pro­fes­sion­al bak­er in his work­shop to try your hand at mak­ing some tra­di­tion­al bread. This work­shop is not only exclu­sive but authen­tic, ensur­ing every­one gets to take in as much infor­ma­tion as pos­si­ble. The idea is not only that you get to expe­ri­ence what its like to work in a bak­ery, but that you can take this skills back home with you. Of course, you get to take your baguette home with you which, let’s face it, is one of the best parts of these kinds of workshops. 

WORKSHOPS: tast­ings, cook­ing class­es, bak­ing, macarons

PRICE: €€€

DEETS: Bread bak­ing, French cui­sine, Cook­ing class, Pas­tries, Mas­ter Baker

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