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There are tours are there are Tours. To step out of the large-group dynamic, private and luxury tours are the way to go. We theorize that you pay more to blend in and the lower the price of the tour, the more the guide will be shouting at the larger group. Or using a mircophone. Note: all of the tours on our curated lists are selected by tour industry insiders who have either taken tours at or worked for the companies listed. With this kind of insider inter comes bias as we re simply human. 

The Curiosity Collective

Small but not­ed for stand­out exper­tise (rat­ed in the top 10% glob­al­ly by guests), the Curios­i­ty Col­lec­tive offers ‘the Paris you were promised,’ with their top-rat­ed Food Tours — their Mont­martre Insid­ers’ Tour is a stand­out and the Best Crois­sants + Pas­tries of Paris Tour has been pop­u­lar for team-build­ing events for notable brands and pri­vate par­ties alike. The Speakeasy French Cock­tail work­shop is a favorite with bach­e­lorette parties. 

TOURS: Mont­martre Insid­ers’ Food + Wine Tour, Best crois­sants + Pas­tries of Paris Walk, French Cock­tail Mixol­o­gy Workshop

PRICE: €€€ — €€€€

DEETS: tai­lored to you, among the best of Paris

Paris Waterways Boat Cruises

You want to cruise the Riv­er Seine. You need to cruise the Riv­er Seine. How could you not? You see Paris from it’s (for real)  ‘most beau­ti­ful avenue’ (lol it’s not the Champs-Élysées…) and sip Cham­pagne while a sparkling­ly coop­er­a­tive weath­er sit­u­a­tion com­pounds the good vibes. Or not, some­times the weath­er is so very naughty here in Paris but you can still remem­ber why you came here.

With boats for all sea­sons — the cov­ered ‘lim­ou­sine’ boat for naughty weath­er and cute, open-air, pon­toons for sun­ny sum­mer days — Paris Water­ways is one of our favorites for chic + exclu­sive cruis­ing. They excel at pri­vate-only cruis­es from €55 per per­son with a min­i­mum of €330 for pon­toon boats and €1000 for the Lim­ou­sine boat cruise. No wait­ing in line or jock­ey­ing for the best seats…

By request, they can even pickup/drop off at notable mon­u­ments such as the Lou­vre, Eif­fel Tow­er, and oth­er attrac­tions. Or just meet them at their dock near the Bastille mon­u­ment in the cool-kids Bastille neigh­bor­hood.

TOURS: ‘Lim­ou­sine’ Boat Cruise aka ‘the Buci’, and pon­toon boat cruis­es on ‘the Dal­i­da’ — all see the sights of Paris on 1 hour to 2.5 hour cruises 

PRICE: €€€

MOOD: be the envy of every­one on the giant pub­lic barge as you cruise by in high style

Txango tours

Simon Burke found­ed Txan­go Tours with a stand­out tour — the Vice and Vio­lence Tour of Paris by lux­u­ry Side­car motor­cy­cle. So while there are a few side­car tours, Txan­go Tours stands out as hav­ing the nicest ‘motos’ and a stel­lar rep­u­ta­tion for mak­ing your tour the mem­o­rable moment it was meant to be. Simon and co. can even accom­mo­date large-ish groups on mul­ti­ple motos by advance reservation. 

TOURS: Paris Mon­u­ments, Vice and Vio­lence in Mont­martre, City of Lights by Night


MOOD:  tai­lored to you, among the best of Paris, lux­u­ry vehicle, 

Private Guide & Co

If you’re look­ing for some next lev­el pre­mi­um tour, this is it. These tours are super pri­vate (it almost feels like hav­ing a but­ler). Whether or not its because it suits your lifestyle or if you want to spoil your­self (or if you know you ask stu­pid ques­tions and don’t want to embar­rass your­self in front of a group of strangers dur­ing a reg­u­lar pub­lic tour), you will def­i­nite­ly love get­ting to know Paris like this. 

TOURS: Muse­ums tours, Ver­sailles, Walk­ing tours, City tours

PRICE: €€€€

DEETS: pri­vate tours, also tours in French/ Portuguese/ Spanish

April in Paris

April in Paris is usu­al­ly Amer­i­can guide, April Pet­tit, and the guides that work with her. These tours are pri­vate-only and high­ly cus­tomiz­able based on your desires and past Paris expe­ri­ences. Which of course costs more but April and Co are beloved by their past guests for a rea­son — Amer­i­can friend­li­ness, a high degree of exper­tise, and a bespoke itin­er­ary. Lim­it­ed availability. 

TOURS: Paris Gourmet Tour, Tout Choco­lat Tour, St. Ger­main Food Tour

PRICE: €€€€

DEETS: pri­vate tours, muse­um tours, kids tour

My Parisian Life

AS the name sug­gests, these tours are per­son­al­ly guid­ed by a sin­gle per­son: Yanique. What start­ed out as a blog about all things Paris (the cafes, fash­ion and food) has evolved into some­thing else. She now gives tours where she dis­cuss­es exact­ly what it’s like to live in Paris (for any­one who is inter­est­ed in that side of the city anyway).

You start off by hav­ing some cof­fee in her favorite spot, see the best parts of Paris and fin­ish off by doing some shop­ping or just hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion (think friends meet­ing up and shar­ing tips and advice).

TOURS: Local Paris Tour (cus­tomiz­able)

PRICE: €€-€€€

DEETS: pri­vate tours, walk­ing tours, shop­ping tours, wed­ding tours

My Private Paris

Imag­ine a bunch of local guides based in Paris who decid­ed to come togeth­er and offer their exper­tise to oth­ers. This is basi­cal­ly what they have cre­at­ed: an expe­ri­ence pro­vid­ed by trained guides for those who are look­ing for an authen­tic take on Paris. 

From fam­i­ly-friend­ly tours to day trips and muse­um walk-abouts, they offer a range of out­ings. Tip: you can even cre­ate your own itin­er­ary if you want to skip/add some parts of Paris and make it super customized. 

TOURS: Muse­um tours, City tours, Food tours, Cus­tomiz­able Itineraries 

PRICE: €€-€€€

DEETS: pri­vate tours, muse­um tours, city tours, hisotir­cal tours

Paris Muse

They have one pri­ma­ry sell­ing point: they do ONE thing REALLY well. They ded­i­cate the entire oper­a­tion to Paris, mak­ing sure that they know what they’re talk­ing about. The way they describe it is they recre­ate the best parts of the uni­ver­si­ty expe­ri­ence (the founder did used to be a pro­fes­sor after all). If you are a book­worm and like your nerdy facts, these tours are per­fect for you. Oh, and they hate big groups so you’re guar­an­teed to feel like the tour guide might actu­al­ly remem­ber your name at the end.

TOURS: muse­ums tours, his­to­ry walk­throughs, walk­ing tours, rebuild­ing Paris

PRICE: €€-€€€

DEETS: pri­vate tours, muse­um with kids tours, kids tour

Context Travel

They not only have pri­vate and small-group tours but they also have audio guides. If walk­ing around with a per­son just isn’t your thing, then you can always just put your head­phones in and have an ‘invis­i­ble’ tour guide whis­per­ing in your ear (we have all the intro­vert­ed peo­ple covered).

Tours with kids, pre-lec­ture tours and just a list of day itin­er­aries: it is the tourist’s dream. Keep in mind that they are a pret­ty big com­pa­ny who oper­ate in lots of coun­tries so it’s not a small local business…

TOURS: Muse­ums, day trips, pre lec­ture vis­its, faim­ly dayouts 

PRICE: €€-€€€

DEETS: pri­vate tours, his­to­ry tours, var­i­ous cities

tower back

Secret Journeys Paris

For one, they call their tours ‘jour­neys’, which that in itself should tell you how exclu­sive their com­pa­ny is. Yes, you get all your tra­di­tion­al tours (the Eif­fel Tow­er, the Lou­vre and oh so much more) but you can also choose from their more ‘rare’ options. 

Back­stage at the French sta­di­um per­haps? Or maybe learn about the regal art of porce­lain? They have more of this type of tour and it is hon­est­ly your best option if you want to explore the sides of Paris not nor­mal­ly seen by vis­i­tors — nor locals. They aren’t called the Secret Jour­neys Paris for nothing.

TOURS: Lou­vre muse­um vis­its, Eif­fel Tow­er access, Versailles

PRICE: €€-€€€

DEETS: pri­vate tours, Eif­fel Tow­er tours, roman­tic life

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