How to Get From Paris to Beauvais Airport

Fly­ing from or to Paris through the Beau­vais Air­port? Man, this will not spark joy. The good news? This arti­cle won’t be long since this Air­port is the size of a hand­ker­chief – so you will be able to just skim through it and ~enjoy the views~.


This is def­i­nite­ly the fastest and most com­fort­able way to get to the city, with the jour­ney last­ing around 60–90 min (depend­ing on where you’re stay­ing). While book­ing a good ol’ Uber may be tempt­ing, they can’t use the bus lane here (while the ~real taxis~ can). A sweet spot? Get a G7 taxi app – it works like Uber (so you can pre-book it while wait­ing for your lug­gage or even a few hours before; and you can pay with cash tho). It’s super reli­able and can use that bus pri­or­i­ty lane, allow­ing you to wave to all the uncul­tured swines stand­ing in the traf­fic while you pass them by ~like a VIP~. Taxi dri­vers rarely speak Eng­lish, but you may eas­i­ly get by with a lit­tle help from a trans­la­tor of your choice. Want to bal­ance the cheap air­port with some lux­u­ri­ous dri­ve? Check out our favorite pri­vate shut­tle com­pa­nies here:


Bus Beau­vais is the easy and cheap way to get to Paris. It con­nects the air­port with the Porte Mail­lot metro/RER/ tram (soon) sta­tion at the west­ern bor­der, near the Arc du Tri­om­phe with­in 1:15h. You can get there by hop­ing on the 1 line metro line which  cross­es the whole city hor­i­zon­tal­ly — which actu­al­ly makes the Bus not such a bad solu­tion after all. With the ser­vice run­ning from 3:30 am to 10:50 pm, there’s a pret­ty good chance you will catch your flight and the bus does not real­ly enter Paris inner cir­cle, the traf­fic is not so severe. You can buy the tick­ets online, as well as in their booth right upon board­ing. The truth is, there’s no oth­er way that will get you to the city with­out any con­nec­tions before­hand, so it’s def­i­nite­ly worth try­ing out if taxi or any oth­er pri­vate shut­tle is not for you. 

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