around the eiffel tower

Next to the world-famous Bir Hakeim bridge, known for starring in Christopher Nolan’s movie Inception, is an obscure, pointy, some might say phallic, iron marvel from a bygone era. Little-known, and hard to find, this tower, known affectionately by the locals who live near it as “dégage”, is one thing that you should put on your must-visit list. Just follow its nightly searchlight, which has unfortunately attracted Donald Trump, not Batman. Directly across the river, don’t miss Trocadéro, most famous for being Hitler’s 1941 press-tour backdrop. Now it’s everyone else’s Instagram backdrop. After WWII, the French de-Hitlerized this spot by signing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here.

This is a neigh­bor­hood that is both pret­ty and posh, and resplen­dent with heaps of tourists (lol for­get those guys) and the pick­pock­ets and scam artistes who love them. Dodge all that non­sense by hid­ing out with the locals enjoy­ing an ele­gant din­ner around the Fontaine de Mars (Mars Foun­tain), sip­ping wine at Cave Vino Sapi­ens, strolling Rue Cler, or grab­bing lunch on Rue Lourmel. THOU SHALT: Steer clear of any­thing that is the clos­est ~any­thing~ from the Eif­fel Tower…DO sum­mit the Iron Lady at sun­set if you can…DO take a boat cruise (night or sun­set are best) and DO enjoy your­self in the place where prac­ti­cal­ly the whole world dreams of…by stick­ing to our guide below…

ENCORE PLUS: For ‘les infos’ about Eif­fel Tow­er tick­ets, tours, and all that see our Vis­it­ing the Eif­fel Tow­er page here.

This neigh­bor­hood is for 2 types of peo­ple: gen­teel (and per­haps not-so-inter­est­ed-in-you) elder­ly ladies walk­ing their small dogs and…tourists. See the sights and enjoy cof­fee, brunch, a few laugh­able scams, or even din­ner, but for nightlife — you’ll have to look else­where (like Canal St. Mar­tin/Oberkampf for feel­ing hip­ster in train­ers and norm­core or le Champs-Élysées for club­bing in heels and show­ing skin.)

coffee + tea shops

le jardin de mademoiselle

bleu olive café


ter­res de café

bakeries + sweets

glaces mar­tine lambert

lb le chocolat

Boulan­gerie Liberté

Aux Mer­veilleux de Fred

Boulan­gerie Secco

sada­haru aoki

la parisi­enne

notre pâtis­serie

mai­son bergeron

a la mere de la famille

mai­son othon

le choco­lat alain ducasse


La Fontaine de Mars

La Ter­rasse du 7ᵉ

chez l’a­mi jean

le vio­lin d’ingres

le recrute­ment


Cave Vino Sapiens

Les Pro­lon­ga­tions


Au Dernier Métro

museums + culture

Musée du Quai Branly

cabarets + live music

Crazy Horse

food shops

Fro­magerie Lau­rent Dubois

fro­magerie anne-marie catin

boat cruises

Vedettes de Paris

Bateaux Parisiens

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